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Best 15 Employee Monitoring Software Picks With Free Trial in 2020


When there are countless employee monitoring tools, you would be confused.
Which one would be good and what can be best for your employees. But check
out this article and you can easily know. We at Technoroll curated a list of top employee softwares.

Top Employee Monitoring Software with Free Trial In 2020

1) ActivTrak

The best part of using ActivTrak is that it helps companies in unlocking
their productivity potential. This is award-winning workforce analytics and
productivity tool providing data and expert insights. These will empower
people, optimize procedures, and maximize technology.

2) Hubstaff

If you want a tool for correcting inefficiency and to work better, then
Hubstaff is the best one. This will streamline time tracking, team, and project
management. Also, you can accurately track time using the desktop version of
this tool.

3) Time Doctor

The Time Doctor provides a detailed kind of analytics of how time is
spent on the workday. It will track the attendance and work time for each
person present in your team.

4) ProHance

ProHance is one of the cutting-edge and global management employee
monitoring tools. Commonly used by top Fortune companies, this helps in
unlocking the true values of the human capital.

5) Workpuls

The Workpuls is the best computer monitoring and time tracking tool.
This will easily track the computer activities while they are working and
provides valuable data to businesses on how time is spent in the office.

6) Teramind

The Teramind provides a good user-centric security approach for
monitoring the employee’s digital behavior. The tool will streamline employee
data collection for identifying any kind of suspicious activities.

7) Kickidler

Kickidler is one of the best employee monitoring and user activity
tracking tools. It is quite a powerful tool suitable for automation of the control
of information security.

8) Teamvue

The Teamvue is a great product and is the best one for remote
monitoring of staff productivity. This is suitable for work from home and
COVID-19 pandemic.

9) WorkTime

WorkTime is a computer, employee, and internet monitoring software
tool. It easily monitors the working-from-home, remote, and in-0ffice

10) Cognidox

As one of the high-tech products, this has complex development cycles
containing various design revisions and cross-functional teams. There might
be a risk of wasted engineering effort, inefficiencies, etc.

11) Fin Analytics

Fin Analytics is interactive analytic software that is created for building
a whole picture of the whole team’s work throughout the whole application.

12) FocusRO

The FocusRo has the best machine learning algorithm that is based on
an employee productivity monitoring tool. It provides the best screenshots
that are non-invasive and efficient.

13) inDefend

The inDefend is the best and comprehensive solution for assisting
employers in finding out many kinds of insider threats.

14) WorkTrak

WorkTrak is the best employee monitoring tool. This provides a real-
time tracking update of employees.

15) V K Control Employee PC Monitoring

The Employee PC monitoring tool will collect various kinds of user
activity data. This can be used for tracking employee behavior and create good
policies for achieving the required productivity goals.

Wrapping Up

No doubt, it might not be easy to choose free employee monitoring software. But the above ones are surely something to try out.


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