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What Is The Best Mind Mapping Software For Free?


Mind mapping is a versatile tool that can be used in a variety of situations, from teams brainstorming their latest business campaign to individuals planning projects and taking notes in meetings.

Traditionally carried out with pen and paper, mind mapping has stood the test of time by moving online and becoming a tool that can be used in conjunction with the devices we use every day. This is useful because mind mapping online means that you can put more power behind your ideas when using the right piece of mind mapping software.

So, which is the best mind mapping software you can get for free? Read below to discover how to use a mind map maker and find examples of free software you can make the most of. 

How to use mind mapping software?

Proven to boost creativity, memory, and productivity, mind map makers can be used to conduct extensive brainstorming sessions, organize your thoughts and to-dos, and even break-down complex information.

Every mind map starts with a central idea (the topic you wish to explore). From here, you add branches containing related keywords and information that radiate outwards from this central idea. Each branch you add can stem further into interrelated branches which help your brain to spark off various associations between business ideas, so you can easily explore and delve deep into a topic.

You can then add your own creative flair by adding various colors and images to your mind map. Mind mapping online means you can take this to the next level than simply drawing by hand – so you can truly breathe life into your design.

What is the best mind mapping software for free?

While there are many mind map makers on the market, from MindMeister to MindMup, Ayoa is an online, collaborative mind mapping software that takes mind mapping one step further. 

Ayoa’s mind mapping software contains a range of powerful features designed to enhance your designs and boost your creative thinking. With three unique and interchangeable mind mapping styles to choose from (including organic, speed, and radial maps) the choice is yours to work in the way that suits you. 

Within Ayoa’s mind maps, you can bring your ideas to life with a varied color palette and formatting options, as well as the ability to add images and files directly to your map, so you can store all the information you need safely in one place. 

Working as part of a team? With Ayoa, you can attach notes and comments to each of your branches – ideal for adding further details or discussing ideas with colleagues. You can even vote for your favorite branches, which is a great way to highlight the most popular ideas from your team. 

However, what makes Ayoa truly stand apart is how their mind maps are seamlessly integrated with task management features. Once you create a mind map, you can easily turn each of your branches directly into a task that you can manage through to completion. Each task contains a host of helpful features, including due dates, checklists, reminders, progress indicators, and more – so your ideas don’t just remain an idea; they can become a reality.

Final Words

Available online and offline, Ayoa offers complete flexibility to work wherever suits you best. Mind maps are available on Ayoa’s free Basic plan, whilst more advanced mind mapping collaboration features are offered on their paid plans.

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