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1337x Proxy Lists and 1337x Torrent Alternatives [100% Working]



Do you want to watch your favorite movie that has been released, or do you want to read an eBook that has been a massive hit in recent times? Do you want to spend much on it? The best option that is available for you to use is 1337x.to. It is the torrent website that has millions of users who are using it to enjoy their past time watching movies, listening to songs, and reading eBooks. People will upload the movies, songs, games, TV shows, and music on this site. 1337x proxy sites is an ideal destination for the people who want entertainment. You can download the songs, music, and other software without paying a single penny from your pockets.

With this 1337x proxy sites offering every entertainment option for free, so it has been banned in many countries and by many Internet service providers globally. If your country has blocked the usage of the 1337x site, then you cannot use 1337x. Be it the country or internet service provider; you can’t access this website and download the songs or movies, whichever you want.

There is no problem without a solution. So, you can access the 1337x sites by using the 1337x mirror or proxy sites. You can use the Proxy to gain access to the 1337x website to enjoy the entertainment to the core. There is no software or tool that you must download to access the website. 1337x enables you to download music, movies, games, TV shows, and software free of cost. The user interface of the site is easier for any individual to use without any hassle. There are a lot of torrents that make this download site helpful. The site is blocked in the US, UK, and Canada due to copyright issues.

1337x Official Sites

We have compiled the best and reliable proxy or mirror sites that give you access to 1337x. The 1337x mirror is a replica of the 1337x website. The torrent files and data that you get in this site will be there on the new torrent sites, but with a different domain name.








These are the cloned sites of1337x. You can use these sites when you have trouble in accessing the 1337x website. The best part is that though you are accessing the cloned sites, the content you get in the 1337x will be the same as in its mirror sites. In case, if the Internet service provider bans the 1337x.io, you can still have access to the movies, music, games and other software tools from the other cloned site created with a different domain name.

There are many 1337x mirror sites available for the users. Even if one is blocked, you can use the other to enjoy watching your favorite actors’ movies without any interruption.

You can bookmark these torrent sites and use them whenever you want to watch a movie or read a book online. If one 1337x torrent is blocked, the other one will give you the entertainment.

1337x Proxy and Mirror Torrent Sites

There are multiple ways to access the torrent sites, although the site is banned in the country or by Internet service providers. You can use either the VPN access or proxy sites. If you are using the web, you must establish a secure connection to access the torrent. Though the government has banned the website and ISP has blocked the sites, we help you to access those sites right from your personal computers. Sometimes, there will be server issues due to which not many people would be able to access the 1337x website. It is not meant that the site is blocked.

  • Pirate Bay

    Pirate Bay

    Pirate bay is a website that is available in the virtual world for a long time.  It is the best site where you can download the torrents. It is an alternative to 1337x. There is a lot of new content uploaded to this site. However, you might face some issues in accessing this site, when once you gain access, you can download whatever content you want with ease. No one can know that you are using torrent to download the files. There is a premium seeder available with the site. When you subscribe to the VIP seeder, your content will remain secure, and you do not have to face any kind of virus issues.

  • TorrentDownloads

    It is the best site that is an alternative to the 1337x website. This 1337x Proxy offers you superior quality torrents. The site has a simple to use interface with a vast database. You can find anything that you are looking for with ease. You can go through the information related to each torrent and then download it. If you are looking for books, then this Torrent website is ideal for you, wherein you can find a lot of books related to various genres.

    When you download the torrent, you can give ratings to it based on your liking. It helps the site to keep fake torrents at bay and protect the community. It is one of the reliable options for the 1337x site.

  • ETTV Torrents

    ETTV Torrents

    If you are looking for the torrent site where you can download the TV shows, this is the best 1337x Proxy option for you. It is an alternative to 1337x. You can find the old and new TV shows on this site with ease. However, the site will not focus much on the movie part, but you can find a good list of movies too.



    If you want to watch the latest movies, you must use this 1337x Proxy. It is a highly reliable site for downloading the content. The site will have a massive directory of content to find what you are looking for with ease. This torrent website is easier to use on a smaller bandwidth. There are many users and seeders for this site. It ensures that you can enjoy your favorite content without waiting for a long time.

  • Torlock

    It is the best torrenting site for those looking for the reliable 1337x Proxy torrent while avoiding fake torrents. It is simple for any user to access this site and look for their desired content. There is a massive database of content that you can download. The top 100 list will show you the content that is available freshly in the market. The best part of this website is that, if there is any fake torrent identified on the site, the user will be paid USD 10. The website has 5 million verified torrents that will have everything that you want to download.



    RARBG is one of the torrenting websites. If you are a movie buff and love to watch all the movies that are released recently, then you must use this torrent, which is similar to 1337x. It has lots of films in the database. It shows all the details about the files. You can see the movies that are in the top 10 list to learn about its popularity. You can find the latest videos with ease.

  • Lime Torrents

    Lime Torrents

    When you are looking for the best and secured torrents to 1337x, then the first name that you would get is Lime torrents. There is a massive chunk of data available on the site. It uploads a new set of content every other day. It is known to be the best torrent for downloading musical files.

    There is a lot of content that is offered by Lime Torrents and is making it worth using it. The site has umpteen of leechers and seeders. The document has a health meter that allows you to check the threat that it can pose if you download it. You can avoid downloading malicious content to your system. Torrent lovers highly recommend it.

  • Torrentz2


    Torrentz2 is not a similar kind of torrent site but has vast chunks of data collected from other torrent sites identical to 1337x. It allows you to scan various torrent sites and help you choose the appropriate one and meet your needs. It is best for people who are looking for old content.

  • Nyaa.si


    Nyaa.si is the popular 1337x Proxy torrent site for the people who love to watch anime content. There is a massive reputation for the place where you can find quality anime shows and movies that you can download without any hassle. There are a few ads that would make you a little annoying.

  • Torrent Galaxy

    You can find the impressive and appealing website designs on this site, a website similar to 1337x. You can find the other entertainment content that you are looking at with ease. Though it is not as popular as the other torrent sites, it is slowly growing its traffic.


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