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According to Forbes, poor customer service meant organizations lost $75 billion in 2018. Statements like these validate experts’ advice for businesses to be more astute and invest in practical customer service tools. 

Currently, client expectations and demands are more specific than ever; they now expect companies to grow faster and deliver on promises. Customers expecting more from businesses creates new difficulties for the organizations. 

So companies must stock up on the technical support that customer services provide since acquiring a new customer is 6-7 times costlier than retaining an existing one. 

Fortunately, there are several customer service tools and techniques for combatting those difficulties.

With that in mind, this list of top customer support tools will assist businesses in better understanding their clients and ensuring the happiness of all stakeholders.

PDF Tool

Companies have had to respond to the growing market demands with constant upgrades and improvements to products. Among these upgrades, the advent of PDF tools has changed how customer care operatives handle customer data.

Companies often keep customers’ information in digital formats like PDFs. An efficient PDF tool can give these businesses a degree of flexibility over storing these data. They can edit, annotate, sign and delete pages during documentation when necessary.

Secondly, PDF software cloud support also ensures that businesses don’t lose data by making the documents retrievable online. This easy retrieval helps customer care attend to clients faster, thus improving the customers’ experiences and team efficiency.

Lastly, teams can open online PDFs with these tools, learn from the information on the documents and apply them in their customer service.

Online Communities

Nowadays, companies can quickly develop an online presence on their websites, blog entries, or social media by developing membership suites or communities. 

By concentrating a significant part of their effort on providing exemplary customer service, businesses will inspire more individuals to share their positive experiences. 

The feedback can also increase brand engagement. In the end, online communities will improve customer service and increase customer satisfaction for any organization.

Discussion Forums

A forum is a subset of an online community that enables crowdsourcing. In discussion forums, businesses can collect and reply to client feedback. These platforms can quickly become popular and allow the company’s staff to collaborate with external customer care agents.

Besides, these discussion forums form a community that can give feedback on products or help resolve common customer issues. Businesses also obtain client feedback and reactions from the recommendations in the community.

Social Media

Good customer service is accessible, and the most effective approach for your business to achieve customer service ubiquity is to utilize social media.

Social media is more than a market hub. App developers have made it easier for businesses by providing online customer support software. And since social media offers exposure for companies, they can now monitor their branding strategies to gain more coverage.

If a business’s social media profile is a digital ghost town, it may as well not exist. Brands must be active on social media for their efforts to yield results. 

Customer service apps and social media platforms can assist businesses in establishing relationships with the vast online community. These social apps can also increase brand recognition if the handlers showcase the company listening to customer concerns.

Automatic Callback

Nobody likes waiting in line. If someone calls a customer care line, they are almost certainly upset about something. And if they call a customer service number without getting immediate assistance, their dissatisfaction will grow. 

So businesses need to utilize essential customer tools like automatic callback systems. These systems on customer service support software can be handy resources for any customer care team.

The automatic callback system enables customers to hang up while maintaining their position in the queue. While customers wait, they are free to use other mobile apps and engage themselves. Then when the agent is ready, the system will call them back.

Live Chat

Live chat is an online customer service system and an exceptional business tool obtainable today as a component of a help desk system. 

Regardless of the nature of the business or the clientele, live chat technology can help you stand out from the competition by providing excellent customer service in real-time.

We often want immediate solutions to our problems, and this urgency was key in making Amazon’s same-day delivery strategy successful. Similarly, in customer service, many people consider responding within 24 hours unacceptable.

Live chat customer service spares businesses money and time. It also makes interactions with customers more pleasant by allowing users to multitask, thanks to features like chat windows.

Free Mobile Apps

A free customer service app is an excellent business tool to remind people about your business. It also reassures customers that the company is available to them. 

With over three billion smartphone users in a world of 7 billion people, many people own a smartphone today. When you consider that about 79% of smartphone users buy goods online via their mobile phones, it’s clear that apps significantly impact consumer satisfaction. 

Businesses can integrate customer service channels in their mobile app. The free apps eliminate the need for customers to look for the business’ website or phone number each time they want to contact them.

Text Messages

If you think SMS is a thing of the past, think again. According to US Texting Statistics, 81% of Americans use SMS daily.

When enabling internet-based communication, businesses should also offer SMS support. At times, users run out of bandwidth or cannot connect to WiFi, so they need alternatives. 

Finally, when customers create an account with a business, they can rank their favorite communication channels. Companies should note these choices to automate how they communicate with their customers.


There are numerous tools available to assist businesses in developing high-quality, effective, and professional-looking surveys. 

Surveys are an excellent method to learn more about a business’s customers and elicit candid comments about their target market. These companies can turn the raw data into valuable statistics that aid their decision-making processes.

There are several questions businesses can ask to draw vital information from customers. For instance, before creating a survey, managers can conduct a brainstorming session and determine the survey’s goal. Don’t overwhelm clients with questions because it might kill their interest in the survey. 


Artificial intelligence enables chatbots that can meet client expectations without tasking customer care agents. Time is a valuable commodity so, an agent’s time should go into resolving complex issues. 

Suppose a customer has to update their address but is unsure where to do so, a chatbot can direct them or even execute the action. Chatbots can also provide high-quality leads for the sales staff —  the cherry on the cake. 


When companies consider their customers’ interests and strive to give the most incredible possible experience, the organization thrives. So try to leverage quality customer service tools to help your clients as the world weaves technology and data into its fabrics. Develop a roadmap to stay on track while utilizing customer support products.

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