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Your Business Needs a Website, Even If You Don’t Want One


Starting a business is an admirable venture. It requires commitment, vision, and time-management skills. Entrepreneurs have to acquire capital and cash flow, all while building a consumer base. And entrepreneurs who have successfully done this without the help of a website might be thinking that they never need to make one. That, however, is one of the many misunderstandings in business and the online environment.

Website – Business Card

Websites are the new business card. Entrepreneurs who are asked for their website and only have active social media profiles will not look as professional as those with websites. This is because websites are a chance to bring potential consumers to a singular location where any credentials or awards their business has can be displayed in a simple and easy-to-follow layout. In addition to looking more professional, having a website also allows you to add new revenue streams. Why? Well, because businesses can accept ads for other companies and products on their site. However, to minimize the risk of running bad ads and increase control over the ads displayed, entrepreneurs can use an ad verification service. This is especially important as there is an increasing amount of ad fraud and malvertising. Ad verification can be a misunderstood service, with many only recognizing the ad verification solutions that cater to the demand-side of advertising. However, this type of service also supports the supply side, safeguarding the publisher-visitor relationship and enabling publishers to maximize their ad revenue.

Why Your Business Need a Website?


Entrepreneurs can also display their best reviews and customer testimonials on their websites. Word of mouth is one of the most important forms of advertising, and these testimonials can influence potential customers’ purchasing decisions. For instance, while most people don’t have time to scroll through Instagram or Twitter comments to make their decision, they can go to your website and read about positive experiences in a well-displayed format. Word of mouth works because of a cognitive bias called the bandwagon effect, which describes how people will change their thoughts or actions if they see or believe that other people are doing the same. Having a website puts all of this information into one spot, making the purchasing decision easier for consumers.

Lastly, because of how the Internet has developed over the last decade, businesses don’t have an excuse not to make a website, even if they are succeeding offline. Creating a website in 2021 is so easy as there are numerous website builders to choose from. If entrepreneurs can set up an Instagram account for their business, they can set up a website since both require about the same amount of time and creativity.


Just like how ad verification can empower publishers, so too can having a website. It’s a chance for entrepreneurs to display their accomplishments and their products in a professional setting. Success offline should never be the deciding factor in not building a website, as in today’s world, businesses should strive for success in both the offline world and the online sphere.

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