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Why your IT department usually knows best


The popular saying suggests that if you want something doing properly, you should do it yourself. If that something is a specialty you’re not trained in, it could be a recipe for disaster. You might think you know about computers because you use them every day, but do you understand every function of every piece of software and equipment in your office? Here are some reasons why you should always ask for help from your IT department:

You might be creating a cybersecurity risk

When you install a new program, it might allow you to complete a new process like edit a picture, record a video, or even develop a webpage. While it might succeed in allowing you to complete one task, it could also allow cybercriminals a way of accessing your cyber system. This can be especially risky if you use a cloud-based system, as all of your sensitive files are already stored on the internet for anybody to access.

It’s likely that you installed these apps with the best intentions. You maybe wanted to come up with a new, innovative, and more effective way of completing a task. You might have wanted to show initiative and not bother the IT department. While your intentions were good, unfortunately, the intentions of any cybercriminal who can now gain access to your system could be extremely damaging. If you want to learn more about how shadow IT usage could be affecting your company’s network, click here for a full explanation and ways you can try and prevent it. Most importantly, don’t install a new piece of software without first consulting your IT team.

You might be solving a problem that’s already been solved

You might think the problem you’re experiencing is a completely new and unique one, but it’s highly likely that you’re not the first person to encounter it. If you work for a big company, it might be that someone has already asked for a specialist piece of software in a different building or even a different department. They may have even persuaded management to pay for a license for a professional solution to the problem. If that’s the case, your IT department could provide you with a much more productive solution than any freeware or open source software you might find on the internet. They could put you in touch with someone who is already experienced in using the software in your business to gain advice from.

You might not come up with the best solution

No matter how much of a technical wiz you think you are, it’s often highly unlikely that you know more than your whole IT department combined. Your colleagues who look after your IT will probably have years, if not decades, of training and experience in this field. They may know about things that you don’t even know exist. If you have a problem, discussing it with your IT department will normally result in the best solution. You weren’t employed by the company to think about IT, so don’t waste time researching how to solve a problem when you have a team of experts ready to do that for you.

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