Understanding the IoT and Blockchain Ecosystems

Companies deal with millions of transactions and need a way to process them faster. This is when Blockchain ecosystems come in. They ensure that all details are recorded and encrypted. To learn about Blockchain technology, students can choose Imarticus Learning’s SCBI program. This course will also help them explore IoT Cloud and its relation to Blockchain ecosystems. Several industries that use IoT devices can benefit from Blockchain technology, and this is why there are endless opportunities for work in the field. 

Why are IoT and Blockchain Ecosystem Integration Necessary? 

The Blockchain ecosystems ensure that the distributed ledger is well protected and cannot be breached by any third parties. Since there is no single authority with access to the data, there is no chance of any external agency tampering with the available data. These records cannot be modified in any way. Now, IoT devices can be vulnerable at times. While data breaches can occur at any time, IoT devices often have to deal with denial-of-service attacks. Therefore integration of IoT and Blockchain ecosystems can be beneficial to the IoT Cloud. Following are some of the reasons why this integration is necessary. 

  • Blockchain ecosystems are completely secured and ensure visibility. Therefore, when IoT is integrated with Blockchain technology, the strength of encryption increases. IoT devices no longer remain vulnerable to threats or malicious third-party attacks. 
  • IoT integration helps to create a more proactive Blockchain ecosystem. Transaction validation is then easily automated and this reduces the cost of operations and solutions significantly. 
  • When Blockchain technology is used in supply chains, transactions need to be processed quickly. Integrating IoT with Blockchain ensures that the exchange of data can happen between parties involved in the supply chain, without any human intervention. This speeds up all transactions. 

While there are many challenges of IoT integration with Blockchain ecosystems, the process can be beneficial to various industries. To learn the implementation of IoT and Blockchain technology, one can opt for a software engineer course from a reputable institute like Imarticus Learning. 

Understanding the Use of IoT and Blockchain Technology

To understand how IoT devices can use Blockchain technology and why it is important, interested candidates can choose certification in software engineering. Imarticus Learning provides a Certification in Software Engineering for Cloud, Blockchain & IoT. This course not only focuses on new-age software engineering but also prepares students for work in the fields of data science, machine learning, NLP, deep learning and Cloud. There are also several real-world projects available that students are encouraged to undertake. These projects will help them understand their areas of interest and what kind of work is currently relevant in the industry. The course is in collaboration with E&ICT Academy and IIT Guwahati. Professionals and industry experts help prepare the curriculum and teach students. This way students get the most out of the software engineer course. Interactive sessions are organized as well and all students can talk with their instructors and peers to discuss topics related to the software engineering industry. New processes like the widespread implementation of Blockchain technology and the use of IoT devices can also be discussed with experts. It will help students understand what skills are necessary and they can even build the networks that will assist in professional advancement.

Final Words

The certification in software engineering that Imarticus Learning offers is different from that available in most institutes. It includes topics like IoT Analytics and Blockchain Development, which are very current and relevant to the recent needs of the industry. The career services and support along with the Capstone project ensure that students have the essential skills. Students can therefore expect to receive many job opportunities once they graduate. 

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