Whether it’s having cat ears or having the ability to change the interface, there are a lot of mods you can try for Elden Ring.

We all know that the launch of Elden Ring is a widely successful one; players love FromSoftware’s first attempt at making an open-world title. So far, the result has been incredible despite the lower concurrent player numbers; the game is nothing short of a masterpiece that’s been widely praised by critics and fans alike. 

Currently, the community behind the Elden Ring has been messing around with their copy of Elden Ring on PC. Tweaking and changing up some of the gameplay and visual elements, such as the Elden Ring Armor you wear in the game, turns everything into an entirely different playing field. Even though it’s only been less than a year, there are already numerous mods for Elden Ring. And as we all know, in the tradition of modding, some mods are on the serious side and a bit more tongue-in-cheek.

Pause the Game

For those who are familiar with the Soulsborne games (Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls), you know the elusive pause feature is a luxury mechanic. Given the name, this mod does what you expect it to: it allows you to pause the action while exploring. Gone are the days when you had to worry about enemy attacks or random incoming projectiles while taking a bathroom break!

For easy accessibility, you can set the keybind on both controllers and keyboards.

Easy Mode

Souls games are, by nature, nail-bitingly challenging. The prospect of eliminating the challenge in Elden Ring may make the purists’ blood boil for many, but the fact of the matter is the challenge that the Soulsborne games aren’t for everyone. So much so that many people are intimidated by it.

If you ever wanted to participate in the fun of Elden Ring but without having to bash your head against the wall, this is the mod for you. Not only will it increase your character’s outgoing damage by 25%, but it’ll reduce any incoming damage by 50% and increase the number of Runes you find will trekking the Lands Between.

Prepare to Die

If you belong on the other side of the spectrum and want to make your Elden Ring experience even harder, Prepare to Die is right up your alley. 

Elden Reshade (HDR FX)

Since Elden Ring is a title that was released relatively recently, it’s only a given that a considerable chunk of the mods consists of mainly trying to improve and change the game’s visuals in some way or the other. There are way too many choices, making it harder to choose one of the many shades readily available for Elden Ring.

Enter the Elden ReShade HDR FX mod, the most well-received of the lot. Besides the mod being able to integrate many changes to make the playing experience more pleasant and exciting, the additional HDR lighting effects genuinely make the colors vibrant.

Thomas the Tree Sentinel

Modders love putting Thomas the Tank Engine in games, and now he’s in The Lands Between. It’s not a helpful mod, nor is it necessarily a spectacular visual, but it injects a lot of meme culture and humor into an otherwise “serious” game.

One of the first bosses you’ll encounter while playing Elden Ring is the Tree Sentinel in Limgrave. With this mod, the Tree Sentinel’s mount is replaced with Thomas. If you’re looking to add a bit more whimsy to your experience and have a good laugh, Thomas the Tree Sentinel is the mod to use.

The Grand Merchant

The first merchant you’ll come across in Elden Ring is Merchant Kale – provided that you didn’t stray too far from the beaten path. The loot that he sells isn’t as valuable as the ones supplied by the other merchants in the game, but he’s overall a decent NPC.

By using the Grand Merchant mod, Merchant Kale transforms into one of the best NPCs in Elden Ring. Every Elden Ring item in the game is available from Kale through this mod, making it an excellent experience for players who want a more streamlined experience. Plus, since this mod unlocks all of the Elden Ring items in the Crafting Menu, they’re entirely free to make. Overall, the Grand Merchant is the mod for players that are tired of hunting down things and want to craft the perfect Elden Ring character.

Cat Ears

You know we had to save the silliest mod for the last. Wolf helms look cool, but let’s be honest, cat ears are even better. This mod replaces two Elden Ring armor headpieces in-game with cat ears – and they come in two different colors! You can even choose to have the inside of your ears fluffy. When the bosses see how kawaii the tarnished is, they’ll cower in fear.

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