Leveling up Jewelcrafting is easy… and tedious.

New World is an MMO with a big world and lots of gear to collect. Like most MMOs, if you want to make money or increase your character’s power, you need to level up your crafting skills to create some decent gear. Either to level up with or take you to the endgame. New World features many crafting and gathering skills like Armoring, Cooking, and Mining.

However, this guide will be focusing on Jewelcrafting and how to level it up. Jewelcrafting helps create powerful jewelry items for your characters or others. Sorry to say that leveling up Jewelcrafting, while simple, will be somewhat of a grind.

Let’s jump straight into the Jewelcrafting guide.

What Is Jewelcrafting?

Jewelcrafting is a New World crafting trade skill that allows players to craft trinkets and jewelry. These items provide passive bonuses to player characters, such as increased stats or resistances. Jewelcrafters can also socket gems into equipment, further enhancing the item’s power.

This skill is a great way to earn New World coins as well. Crafting high-quality rings and amulets with the perfect stats and trading them to players is a very profitable way to make New World gold. Leveling this skill can be costly but is a worthy investment.

How To Level Up Jewelcrafting?

Leveling up Jewelcrafting is straightforward as can be. The more rings, amulets, and other trinkets you make will help level up this skill. Crafting the same low-level item is a possible way to level up Jewelcrafting. There are no other methods that will help group Jewelcrafting. This task can be time-consuming, costly, and tedious. You have to have many materials on hand if you wish to level this skill. There are two ways to collect the materials necessary.

You can trade with other players to get the materials needed. While this method is probably the fastest way of doing it, it is also the most costly. So unless you have a good chunk of New World coins, you will have to do the other method.

The much slower and cheaper method is to get all the materials yourself. You will need to mine all of the ore. Turn that ore into ingots using the Smelting skill. You will also need to cut stones at a Stonecutting Station before using them. There are a lot more steps to consider if you go this route. The method you use is up to you; maybe use a little bit of both approaches.

Other Recommended Skills To Level

Suppose you decide to get all of the required materials yourself. Then you will need to level up and use some other skills as well.

  • Smelting – Refines ore into ingots. Ingots are required for crafting multiple gear types.
  • Stonecutting – Before you can use gemstones, they need to be cut into Cut Gemstones to be used for gear and Jewelcrafting.
  • Mining – This skill is needed to mine ore and Raw Gemstones from material veins.

Jewelcrafting Leveling Guide

As I stated earlier, leveling up Jewelcrafting is as simple as crafting any trinket, and you will get experience for doing so. Feel free to do this if you want to level Jewelcrafting as you play, but this guide will give a general rundown on the most cost-effective way of balancing this skill. Luckily, it is straightforward to follow.

Level 0-50

Here you want to start crafting ANY Flawed Gemstone Amulet. It doesn’t matter. They all require the same materials (silver) and a gemstone. You will need the following materials:

  • Cut Gemstone (51)
  • Chain (51)
  • Setting (51)
  • Ingot (51)

Level 50-100

If you want to keep costs low, stick with a Flawed Gemstone Amulet. The following materials are required:

  • Cut Gemstone (51)
  • Chain (51)
  • Setting (51)
  • Ingot (51)

This option is for people who prefer to keep the cost low as possible but will have much slower experience gain. It is best to start crafting Weak Gemstone Dust (419). The following materials are needed:

  • Flawed Moonstone (1,257)

Level 100-150

Sticking with the cost-effective route and requiring much easier materials to continue crafting a Flawed Gemstone Amulet. Here are the required materials:

  • Cut Gemstone (1,848)
  • Chain (1,848)
  • Setting (1,848)
  • Ingot (1,848)

Level 150-200

From you have two options, continue crafting a Flawed Gemstone Amulet, you will need to craft 6,300 of these. Or you can start crafting tier 4 amulets. This will cost a bit more, but only requires crafting 1,170 of these. However, you will need Brilliant Pearls, which are a rare resource.

By following this guide, you will easily be able to hit level 200 easily. It will only require time and money. Then start making money by crafting gear and selling them on the New World Market.


Jewelcrafting is a valuable skill to level, it allows you to craft powerful gear that you can equip or trade for New World coins. Also, it isn’t hard to level at all, but it can be time-consuming and expensive if you haven’t been playing for a while. But it is simple, you just need to have the correct materials and you will be on you would be hitting max level in no time. It is also best to level up Jewelcrafting with other crafting skills if they aren’t high level.

Was this leveling guide helpful to you? Let us know in the comments if you have any tips to share.

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