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How to Choose a Moving Company in 5 Steps


The dream of anyone is comfortable and fast-moving. But reality brings up many challenges that are sometimes difficult to cope with on your own. The best way to relocate is not to do everything in one day, but at least for a week, or even two. This time is usually enough for a comfortable experience. And the first night in the new apartment you can start living, not just sorting things out. But how to organize the move? There are professional moving companies Spokane, Seattle, Tacoma, etc. Finding a firm is not difficult, but getting really reliable and trustworthy experts sometimes seem impossible. So we suggest you figure out how to choose a moving company in just 5 steps.

Why Turn to the Help of Moving Companies?

Let’s start by identifying the pros of getting help from movers:

  • Saving time in preparation for the move. The longest part of relocation is preparing your belongings and furniture. It can take you from days to weeks to pack everything. While movers pack your belongings, furniture, and equipment safely in just a few hours. After all, they are involved in moving almost every day, including packing. The techniques are perfected to the point of automatism.
  • Saving time searching for packing materials (buying them, renting a car, hiring specialists, etc.). Moving companies can provide everything you need for turnkey jobs: specialists, transport, and packing materials. So you don’t have to look for everything separately. You make an order and get everything at once.
  • Saving time to coordinate the work. When organizing the move by your own forces, you have to constantly monitor the process, give instructions, and supervise the people. Turning to experts, you will pass all the hassle on to them. And the moving time you spend with comfort and pleasure.
  • Guarantees safety and material responsibility. Moving companies fix the responsibility issues in the contract. Specialists will qualitatively pack fragile items. And in the case of damage, they are responsible financially – they compensate for the damage or restore.

We can conclude that the main advantages are saving time and complete relaxation because you get professional services with which you can only enjoy moving.

1. Follow the Rule of Threes

This is an implicit rule that must be adhered to when choosing any service. Just googling and choosing a company at the first link is not enough. You need to look through at least three options and make conclusions. Read reviews, learn more about the company, and study the services. Another thing is when it comes to the team to which you have already applied, or which you were advised. Here you can confine yourself to reading reviews and exploring the services offered.

2. Watch Out for Red Flags

Pay attention to every detail. It even goes to the point of discussing the move. If you are offered to pay in advance or make a deposit, you need to consider carefully whether the move will be safe and if it will take place at all. Consider the team. Do they instill confidence in you? What equipment do they use? Legal services have their own equipment, machines, etc. Focus on everything that confuses you. Of course, moving is stressful and sometimes even insignificant details seem suspicious. In this case, the key is to protect yourself so as not to run into fraudsters.

3. Make Sure the Mover Is Licensed and Insured

This is also about the company’s good faith. In the United States, licensed movers get a U.S. DOT number. You can check for a license through the FMCSA website. This number will also be helpful in case there is a claim against the transporter.

4. Ask About Professional Accreditation

Accreditation of the moving company is also an essential aspect of the choice because this is a guarantee of reliability and professionalism of the services. Look for companies with the ProMover mark. This international certification is part of the RIM program created by the American Moving & Storage Association. This accreditation ensures that the company meets RIM standards for equipment, facilities, and security documentation.

5. Verify the Address

It is a trivial step that applies to any businesses you work with. Find out the company’s address, google it, and ensure that the address really is where the chosen firm is located.

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