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Best Tips for Playing Pokemon Go without Moving Around


If you are a gaming lover and love to play AR games like Pokemon Go, this article is just for you. Here, we will provide the perfect tricks you can use while playing Pokemon Go, so give it a good read.

As is already known, Pokemon Go is an AR-based game that involves physical activities like walking. A player needs to go out and walk in order to find new pokemon. And this is one of the biggest challenges for some people.

That is why nowadays, such location-based games are played with the help of location faking apps that help you to hide your exact location. In this article, we will be talking about Dr. Fone Virtual Location which is a Pokemon Go walking hack that helps you find and catch pokemon without walking around.

Although there are many Pokemon Go location spoofing apps out there that claim to do the work for you, most of them are not reliable and trustworthy. And the main problem is that most of the spoofing apps get detected by Pokemon Go.

Part 1: Dr. Fone Virtual Location

Dr. Fone Virtual Location is a leading name when it comes to Pokemon Go spoofing apps. It is one of the best apps you can use if you love to play Pokemon Go. You can easily fake your location and collect as many pokemon as you can even if you are not in a certain area. This happens all due to Dr. Fone Virtual Location’s amazing spoofing services.

Dr. Fone Virtual Location is very secure and also easy to use. You are able to fake your area quite easily with a single click. It also offers you multiple locations to fake your actual location. You are able to share this new fake location through WhatsApp and Snapchat etc.

Along with it, Dr. Fone Virtual Location allows you to fake your location without asking you to jailbreak your iPhone. This is a huge advantage as most of the spoofing apps work only after jailbreak. This app works with every iOS device hence you don’t need to worry about anything.

Part 2: Pokemon Go ++

Pokemon Go ++ is a decent app if you are looking for ways to spoof your location and then play Pokemon Go. This application contains various highlights that let you fake your area and even transport or walk quickly in the game. Pokemon Go ++ is outfitted with certain hacks yet can likewise work for faking location in Pokemon Go on iPhone.

Through this app, you can fake your area on iOS gadgets at whatever point and any place you need and also set a customized speed for your avatar to up to multiple times. It also supports joystick for smooth developments

But, this app is specially made for Pokemon Go as it were and works just with gadgets after jailbreaking. It can be detected by Pokemon Go resulting in the blocking of your account. This makes it a less suitable option as compared to Dr. Fone Virtual Location.

Part 3: iPokeGo

iPokeGo is also a good spoofing app that offers different features that you can use while playing Pokemon Go. It is an app designed especially for Pokemon Go lovers. It is loaded with features, both free and paid. Through this app, you can fake your radar position. This makes it easier for the Pokemon Go players to fake their location.

However, if you want to use a spoofing app for free, this is not the one. Many features in this app come with a price that is why it is expensive to use as compared to Dr. Fone Virtual Location.

Moreover, if it gets detected by Pokemon Go, your account can be banned for good. Hence, it is not an ideal choice.


So, you see that Dr. Fone Virtual Location is the ultimate best and the most appropriate app for spoofing location on Pokemon Go. Get started with this amazing app and start Pokemon hunting right away.

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