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Best Data Plans and Add-Ons From Cricket Wireless


Although you recognize only the brand of Cricket Wireless, nearly and normally, you’ve witnessed the carriers’ advertisements. They are the kinds which appear like a nicer Cousin It with the interesting characters. Yes, the network drives the surge of these advertisements and saves.

When entering AT&T, Cricket had also increased its membership, but much more needs to be understood. Cricket Wireless is solely about prepaid plans. In this article, we will give you a walk through the greatest accessible telephone alternatives.

As an MVNO, Cricket Wireless has some distinctive elements, and we will discuss these options that are using the AT&T network too. Let’s discuss Cricket and see the right plan from Cricket that suits the best for you the!

Cricket Plans

There are zero postpaid alternatives on Cricket Wireless, enough that you won’t have to expect any agreements if you shift. Its data limit mainly characterizes every other plan, and yet you could even insert several excellent things to your encounter.  In this article, we’ll be giving the best Cricket Wireless plan you can consider to make the switch.

2 GB Plan

Basic brand name and basic packages are the concepts underneath the 2 GB choice. You will have 2 GB of 4 G LTE access to data each month together with unlimited calls and messages, as the brand shows.

The 2 GB Plan for Cricket also endorses HD Voice and even Wi-Fi, if a fully integrated device is available. For a cost, you could combine a further point of information. A continual fee of $30 a month applies to every 2 GB service line. If you are a user who is not particular about using data, then this plan is best for you!

You can use this package to have open and limitless phone calls and messages with your friends, family, and even random strangers. If you don’t want to splurge a lot of money, then this plan is the one for you, especially when you already have an internet connection at home.

10 GB Plan

A data of 2 GB is not sufficient for many people, so whenever you wish to stay in touch, you can dive into the 10 GB package. Fortunately, every line is cheaper than the previous, so that the additional charge is reasonable and is a couple of times as much for the data.

Additional data and even the rebate for per-line are merely the only variables, so no video content or mobile tethering or hotspot is accessible, for now. This plan is five times extra data than the previously mentioned and will not charge you too much; in fact, you can save a lot more with his plan.

Every time you add a line, you can receive a discount. This plan is perfect for users who want to subscribe to programs that will not require them to pay per gigabyte if you are someone who has access to an internet connection and TV at home.

Cricket Core Plan

For many other individuals, the care plan is the best Cricket Wireless plan since it provides many limitless features; however, if you are not interested in it. You will not be required to purchase a mobile hotspot, especially if you don’t need it.

The Core comprises streaming with standard (480p) and worldwide message to over thirty countries and limitless LTE internet connectivity. You could also utilize your calls, messaging, and data for over fifty percent of the United States plan in Mexico, and even in Canada.

This plan’s best features are that you will have unlimited access to data, and you can interact with your mates or families through any method, whether through a phone call, an SMS, or a voice chat!

This plan is suitable for frequent users to send messages to people living outside of the country. If you don’t have access to Wi-Fi and television at home and want to stream or access the internet or use a lot of data, this package is designed for people like you!

Cricket More Plan

Cricket More, the finest and costly plan from the entire plan, is like the Core; however, it involves only a $5 additional charge for a 15 GB of mobile hotspot connectivity. If you understand you will have that extra data every single month and that they all have identical advantages like the Cricket Core, it is the best and economical choice.

Video content is still constrained to the standard one, but your package is the best when traveling to Mexico or even in Canada. This More plan supports usage for Mexico and also Canada for nearly fifty percent.

With this plan, you will benefit from 15 GB for your hotspot connectivity. It will be a great deal for individuals who are very particular about data and hotspot, and for people who frequently travel across North America and want to spend on one plan only.


Even though some of these simple plans of Cricket are plain, the addition of several additional attributes and perks is not challenging or too bad to handle. Every package is available at an expense, but all these extra or other features are from additional data to worldwide connectivity.

The add-ons usually have international connectivity, and you will only have to spend 40 bucks to connect to the loved ones that live abroad. Thirty-seven countries are accessible to Cricket Wireless, but if the person you are trying to contact does not belong to the list, then there will be a different package for you.

The cost will depend on which country you are trying to connect to, and you will have a specific number of minutes to call and unlimited messaging. Apart from Central America, you may contact people from Vietnam and the Philippines with this feature!


There are so many other things and features that Cricket Wireless has to offer. That is why they are considered to be among the top alternatives you can choose. We hope our article helps you out and gives you more information about the awesome wireless plans of Cricket. Check them out for yourself and you’ll know it’s worth it!


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