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What You Need To Know About Oleophobic Coating


Many people might not know what Oleophobic Coating is and how it is beneficial to your mobile devices. You might wonder why having Oleophobic coating is essential for the screens of your smartphones, and how to place this coating on your device. This article will serve as your guide on what Oleophobic coating is and how to apply it to devices.

A typical mobile phone is mostly built with a thin material for screen covering, but it can be scratched and leaves fingerprint marks on mobile screen displays. Having this oleophobic coating will keep marks of your fingerprints off the smartphone’s glass panels or screens. This Oleophobic coating application is also great to protect the screen of phones.

The Benefits Of Using Oleophobic Coating 

If you are curious about the importance and the benefits of Oleophobic coating brings to users, this coating keeps fingerprint marks off of your cellphones. If you have a newly bought phone, you might not know a protective layer is covering the screen. The oleophobic coating effectiveness can be put to the test by dropping water on your phone’s screen.

The oleophobic reacts to water, and if your water droplet holds together and becomes little beads in a circle, then the coating is effective. If the water droplet will spread on your screen, this shows that the Oleophobic coating wore off and is ineffective. The oleophobic coating does not last long, so it is essential to know how to test whether or not it is still effective.

Now mobile phone users are not aware that the more people use their phones, the ineffective the oleophobic coating is making it wear off faster. Although it wears off, your device is still useful and functional. Still, when it comes to being shiny and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, the oleophobic coating will make a huge difference as if you bought the latest phones.

The Oleophobic Coating’s Effectivity and Span

If you have a newly bought mobile device or tablets, the first thing you notice is how sleek, reflective, shiny, and smooth the screen is. This Oleophobic coating applied to the devices brings these attractive features once you open your phone box. Once you use your phones fresh from the box, Oleophobic coating’s effectiveness will begin to wear off.

As mentioned, Oleophobic coating will not last forever and will wear off of frequent use of phones. Protecting it from wearing off by using screen protectors to your devices is a great idea. If you happen to crack the screen protector and change it, your device’s Oleophobic coating will still be there looking shiny and effective in keeping off fingerprints.

The Oleophobic coating adds up a glossy effect to your smartphone’s looks and how your fingers glide off your screen. Gliding across the screen of a new phone with the oleophobic coating is different compared to touching the screen of a phone used for years and with a worn off Oleophobic screen coating.

The oleophobic coating makes it easy for users to wipe off grease and prints from the smartphone, making it look new again. People who are unaware of oleophobic coating will not think of ways to protect it, and eventually, as years go by, they will have a hard time gliding their fingers on their phones.

The Application And Restoration Of Oleophobic Coating 

If you are eager to know about Oleophobic coating and wonders if reapplication is possible or can be placed on screen protectors and tempered glass, then we have an answer for you. Most of the time, users will go purchase screen protectors to preserve the oleophobic coating of their phones, restoring or reapplication is done in quick steps in the comfort of your home.

The first thing you should do is clean the screen’s surface and use isopropyl alcohol for additional cleaning. Using a microfiber cloth, wipe the solution off your screen and make sure nothing is left. Wrap your finger with a ziplock bag that you will use for wiping. This is for spreading the coating liquid evenly on your mobile phones’ surfaces.

Apply the coating by dropping it to your screen. Ten drops are enough to cover a large screen of tablets or phone screens. With your finger, disperse the solution with quick and light wiping motion and wait until the solution evaporates. If you think you need to add more, it is possible. Remember not to rub the screen harshly to have a successful application.

Now it is essential to leave the Oleophobic coating to set for effectiveness. You can also do it twice or thrice to make it even more effective and maximize the Oleophobic coating’s performance in terms of protection and looks. For eight to twelve hours, you need to let it set. Avoid touching the mobile phone’s screen for optimum results.

Protecting the Oleophobic Coating Of Smartphones

When your devices’ oleophobic coating wears off, you can do simple methods to protect the covering. We advise you not to use abrasive cleaners and detergents to the screen, such as bleaching agents, creams, polishing agents, dishwashing soap liquids, Windex, or cleaning materials for glasswares. Using these will thoroughly remove the coating of your device.

Safe methods of protecting the Oleophobic coating can be done by being gentle with it. It is highly recommendable to use lint-free and soft cloths when wiping the screens of your devices. Moisten the cloth with water and gently stroke it to any visible dirt or marks.

It is best to use cleaning agents that are alcohol-based to disinfect and clean your devices and not negatively affect the coating. If you want to restore the quality of the Oleophobic coating, you can buy cleaning kits with oleophobic coating and essentials for gadgets that can add to your smartphones’ protection.


It is essential to use appropriate cleaning agents for your device’s screen to prevent the Oleophobic coating from disintegrating or wearing off, especially for people who use their mobile phones daily or frequently. This article gave you a walkthrough of how beneficial the coating is and how reapplication is possible and straightforward.


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