What Are The Latest Tech That Moving Companies Are Using?

When the structure and working style of every industry is changing with the advancement in technology and the moving industry is no exception. Technology is playing a vital role in lives more manageable and organized and this change and development are happening in the moving industry too. They are using the latest technologies to provide efficient and quality services to their customers as the use of technology has made the moving process faster and simpler. In fact, the best movers offer moving cost calculator to help the customer know the cost of moving beforehand. 

If you too are planning to move soon or are planning to start a moving company, below are the technology trends that are beneficial to both moving companies and the movers.

Moving Apps

Like any other industry, moving companies too look forward to happy and satisfied customers and for that, they are using innovative software and applications. These apps are very easy to use and consumer-friendly and help the customer throughout the moving process right from booking to unpacking. These apps make end-users ’ life easier by providing them all the information in one place.

A Customer Relation Management (CRM) System

A CRM is a collection of tools that improve efficiency as it helps you communicate effectively with your customers. You can effectively organize information and target customers. With a good CRM, the whole organization runs smoothly.

Smart Packaging

Many good moving companies are using developing technologies like concealed radio-frequency identification codes and print them on the packaging boxes. Smart Packing will enable the user to locate the packaging easily as a smartphone can be used to receive signals from the package and enable communication with it. Many truck booking companies are using sensors to monitor the state of goods.

Digital Payments

The digital payment system has changed the perspective of customers. They find it safe to make digital payments instead of keeping cash with them and that is the reason that digital transactions have fully taken over cash transactions. Moving companies are also allowing their customers to choose advanced payment methods to pay. The digital transaction is not only a secure way of transferring money but also makes the payment process much easier and quicker.

GPS for Tracking

Global Positioning System is a widely used technology nowadays and has influenced the moving industry too. Leading moving companies are readily using GPS using which customers can track their goods or shipment from anywhere and anytime. This technology has helped the companies in developing trust among customers and has added value to the moving industry. It is a great feature to offer to clients moving to long distance

Mobile Driver Apps

Mobile driver apps make it easier for both drivers and customers as they make the process easier of reaching from one point to another. These apps keep the mover updated and relaxed as they include features like paperless documents, digital signatures, barcode scanning, and integrated imaging.

Accounting Software

As we know that accounting industry has been digitalized for years and is getting better at it with time. The moving industry is also taking advantage of this advanced technology as a small error in accounting can create big problems. A strong bookkeeping system can create an easy, updated, and reliable billing system.

Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are playing a significant role in marketing anything and everything in modern times. They have become major marketing tools as they can be used to fetch real data and can help you get new customer leads. For example, a person who is planning to move soon comes across a moving company on social media and fills an interaction form and the company contacts him back with their proposal, isn’t it the best and the easiest way to reach out to your prospective customers and even for customers to contact a good moving company.

Email Automation Tool

An email automation tool is a technology that is much needed in modern times. Every industry is using this tool to stay in touch with its customers. People feel valued when are answered immediately and an email automation tool helps you in replying to your customers immediately when they try to approach you. It is the best way to reach thousands of people by simply clicking one button. It is one of the easiest and effective ways of connecting with your potential customers.

AI and Chatbots

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Chatbots have become very popular digital tools to interact with customers. Moving companies are also using Chatbots to provide 24*7 supports to their customers as the Chatbot feature can involve the customer in a natural and friendly manner. Chatbots are used to engage customers in a better way at the right place and right time. AI systems and Chatbots can handle and manage numerous conversations at the same time and provide a better level of proactive customer interaction. This system helps human customer service agents to devote their time elsewhere and handle other complex situations.

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