How To Send And Receive Fax Without A Fax Machine

Recently, faxing came back as one of the most efficient ways of sending documents after being almost phased out by other digital techniques that were considered more convenient. The method offers benefits others might not, such as security when sending documents and beating the clutter in people’s inboxes.

Many organizations and businesses are adopting faxing again as it’s a highly reliable way to forward documents. Technology has also enhanced faxing—now you don’t have to deal with buying and using bulky fax machines. This is because it has become possible for you to use internet fax, which can even be done on a mobile device as long as you have an internet connection.

How To Fax Without A Fax Machine 

As mentioned, sending faxes these days doesn’t require you to have a fax machine as there are several alternatives to doing it. Industries such as medicine and law are becoming more dependent on faxing because of certain security requirements. Here are some of the other faxing methods you can look into:

Send Faxes Via Email

Faxing through email is simple enough for anyone to accomplish. These are the steps involved in this option:

  • Compose a new email and address it to the recipient’s fax number and add the address of the faxing company such that it appears like ‘123@cde’ where ‘123’ is the recipient’s number and ‘@cde’ is the faxing service provider’s address.
  • Attach the documents you want to send as the fax to the email body. You can include a cover letter that’ll be printed out on the recipient’s end, although that’s optional. 
  • Once you’ve ascertained that you have all the necessary documents attached, click send. 

The fax, including the cover letter, will be sent to the recipient’s fax machine, making it convenient for senders who don’t have that equipment. 

Send A Fax Using Online Services

With your computer or a mobile phone, you can turn to providers of software as a service (SaaS) and create and send faxes through one of the programs they offer.

  • Search for any company that provides faxing services, and then create an account with them.
  • Log in to the account and navigate the fax section; other companies will have this marked as ‘send fax.’
  • Complete all the required fields, such as the sender’s information and the recipient’s details. You can also write a cover letter to accompany the fax.
  • Attach the documents you want to fax. Most providers allow a variety of options such as PDF files, Word documents, and images.
  • After you click send, the fax will be sent to the recipient’s fax number.

Some companies provide free faxing services for a certain number of faxes in a month. Your business can benefit from this as it’ll help you cut down on faxing expenses.

Send Faxes On Mobile Apps

Mobile apps have made faxing much easier as you can do the task anytime, anywhere as long as you have the right app installed and access to the internet. To send faxes on a mobile app, simply follow these steps: 

  • Download a faxing app from a reputable service provider. Keep in mind that some faxing providers may have a website but not an app.
  • You can then log in to your account, head to the send fax section, and provide the necessary information.
  • Attach the documents you want to forward and send them. The recipient’s fax machine will receive the documents.

Basically, the procedure of sending faxes via a mobile app is similar to sending faxes through web software.

Faxing Using Add-Ons

There are computer applications that allow you to add extensions that enable you to send documents and data sheets without having to exit them. Here’s how you can do just that: 

  • Open the application and click on add-in or add-on. This is the feature that allows you to add a particular piece of faxing software to the program as an extension.
  • Follow all the procedures to properly install the extension in the computer application.
  • Open the document you want to fax, and then look for the faxing application on the toolbar. 
  • Fill in the recipient’s fax number before signing in to your faxing account. You can create a new account if you don’t have an existing one.
  • Click send.

Even though this method seems similar to sending faxes through web-based services, it reduces the need to browse the web and attach documents, resulting in more convenience.

Fax Someone With A Printer

Printers now have advanced capabilities, which make it possible for them to perform functions such as faxing. However, you first need to determine whether your printer has that sort of feature by looking for a fax button.

There are two ways of faxing using a printer. The first one involves these steps:

  • If you have the document in printed form, place it in the document feeder.
  • Enter the recipient’s number, and then click the send button.

When going for the second option, here are the steps to follow:

  • Open the document you want to send on your computer.
  • Click print, and select the fax machine as the printing device. 
  • Enter the recipient’s details prior to sending the fax.

Receiving Faxes Without A Fax Machine 

Receiving a fax is relatively simple as long as you have an online fax number. This is what other people will use when sending documents to you. Once you have that kind of number, you can receive faxes without a hitch.

If you have a printer connected to the phone number, your faxes will be printed out when you receive them. If you’re using online faxing, you can just log in to your existing account to check your faxes.


Faxing offers you a secure and reliable way to send a wide range of documents. Businesses and various establishments such as hospitals and law firms can benefit from internet faxing as data privacy is a significant concern for them.

Sending and receiving faxes has become easier since you don’t have to purchase a fax machine. Moreover, you can do it regardless of where you are as long as you can connect to the internet and choose a good online faxing service.

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