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Advantages and Disadvantages of BTC | Pros and Cons of Bitcoins


Bitcoin was first introduced in 2009. At that time, people were not aware of how and where to spend the Bitcoins. In 2010, 2 unknown people, to initiate the transaction, have to Bitcoins to buy two pizzas. Now the worth of Bitcoin would be $21,602.2. With technological advancements, it can buy and sell Bitcoins where the Bitcoins are accepted. Microsoft and Dell were the first to accept Bitcoins, followed by online air booking, shopping, casinos, and lots more. Have you ever wondered where can bitcoins be saved? There are wallets available in which you can save bitcoins. This article discusses the various pros and cons of using Bitcoins in the following sections of the article. To invest in bitcoins you can visit thenewsspy.technology

Pros of BTC

The following are the pros of Bitcoins.


The Bitcoins can function independently, and there is no need for governing authorities like banks or any other government agencies. Hence people do not have to worry about transaction fees, transaction delays, and hence they can function autonomously. Now with several web-based applications accepting Bitcoins, you will be able to buy many things that a normal currency cannot.

Easy to carry

Unlike normal currencies, Cryptocurrency like Bitcoins can be easily stored in a digital wallet, which is a file or stored in a pen drive. The Bitcoin payment is very easy, where the senders/receivers can initiate transactions just by a single scanning of QR code or by taping on online web sites. With fast internet facilities, the transaction is completed very quickly.

Commission options

The Bitcoin transaction asks the user whether they are ready to pay the transaction fee. It depends on the user. The users can either choose to pay or not pay. The transaction fee is like commission or income to the miners, who helps in the process of mining and attaching the hash code to your transaction block. The more transaction fee you, the more quickly your transaction takes place.

Highly secured

Every transaction as blocks is given a hash code, which is based on the previous block’s information. So, any issues in one block will be intimated and alerted to the entire Bitcoin user in the Blockchain. If an anonymous user tries to tamper the block, the hash code becomes more complex and becomes very difficult to retrieve. A Bitcoin transaction is detached, and hence the user’s transaction is never transparent to the user of the chain unless the user publishes his details. The transactions associated with the user, cannot be tracked, and his identity will not be revealed except, the number of Bitcoins in the user’s wallet.

No case of double-spending

The worst thing about the digital transaction is, where some anonymous users use the same money for two transactions. But with Blockchain technology, this counterfeiting can be completely avoided.

No banking fees

As the cryptocurrencies are autonomous, there are no banks in between to control the transactions. There are no additional fees like transaction fees, or maintenance fees and lots more. There is no fee for making a national Bitcoin transaction. The international fees are very minimal when compared to that of the traditional banking system. The transactions can also be made in a very fast manner.

High liquidity than other cryptocurrencies

The Bitcoins possess high liquidity than other cryptocurrencies. When the Bitcoins are converted to lat currencies like USD or Euro, the inherent value is maintained. But other currencies might face some decrease in the values while making an exchange.

Cons of BTC

The following are the cons of Bitcoins.

Legal or illegal

Though many countries are considering Bitcoins as Legal, few countries are not accepting the Bitcoins as a valid currency. This is because many criminal activities are being encouraged by this autonomous transaction, without revealing the details of the sender o receiver.


The Bitcoins will not do not have a steady money value. Sometimes the value of Bitcoins may be high other times it will decline drastically. So, this makes investors think before they opt for Bitcoin payment.

Key issues

All the Bitcoins will be stored in a digital wallet. To access the wallet, the users will be given the private to unlock the wallet. If the user forgets the key, the entire wallet will be lost.

The rise in black marketers

The autonomous nature of Bitcoins acts as a channel for increasing the black market, thereby the fame of Bitcoins is getting affected.

These are all the various pros and cons of buying and selling Bitcoins.


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