Crypto Trading and the Apps That Will Teach You the Basics-

The amount of cryptocurrencies available today is pretty big compared to the ones available back in the day. The number of users is also growing pretty fast considering the benefits these cryptocurrencies give users. With that said it’s no wonder why so many people are looking to start trading.

With that said, all virtual currencies aren’t dependent on third parties like banks and allow their users exclusive ownership of their assets. Moreover, all transactions are done online making them rather convenient. Also, you are pretty safe because you don’t disclose any personal or financial information to anyone.

Now that you know why cryptocurrencies are so popular, it’s no wonder why so many people are looking to trade. Their profit potential is a benefit in itself and it gets the masses in an uproar. But you’ll still need to learn how trading works.

The gaming industry can help you with that because developers have produced lots of titles throughout the years. Some of them are trading simulator apps that will cover various aspects of trading and will teach you all you need to know about it. If you’re willing to learn, then here are a few such apps:

Bitcoin Mining Profit Calculator

Buying and selling crypto is what this game focuses on and Bitcoin is the crypto of choice. It’s a text adventure game where you’ll get various prompts that you’ll need to deal with as well as information on how to deal with it. But if Bitcoin is your choice and you’re not willing to learn how to trade it, then you can always go for a trading platform. There are several of them online, but none of them are quite like Bitcoin Power. So, what makes this platform unique?

For starters, you get a low commission after your first live session. This is as low as 2%. But you’ll need to learn how to use this platform so making an account is a must. This also means you’ll need to make a small deposit so you’ll have something to trade with. Once that’s done then you’ll need to go over a couple of tutorials and once you’re familiar with the settings then you’ll be able to adjust the settings of the platform and go live. Then you’ll be free to experiment with the settings and see what the platform is capable of.

Altcoin Fantasy

If you’re looking for a broader approach to crypto trading, then Altcoin Fantasy is the app for you. This means that this app covers several popular virtual currencies you can trade with. The market is virtual but the values of assets and the players are real. You’ll learn various useful skills such as market analysis and buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Moreover, you’ll have lots of contests to take part in and sharpen your skills further. If you happen to win some of them then you’ll be rewarded with a specific amount of your favorite virtual currency.


Niffler is an app that focuses on various aspects of crypto trading. This means you’ll be able to use leverage, short a position, and more. You’ll learn new skills as you progress and these will be marked with the badges you’ll get. Once you get the verified status, you’ll get a high-quality skillset that will help you in real life.


Once you’ve learned the essential skills then you can focus on other aspects. Picking out a crypto from the myriad of them online, along with the right wallet and online exchange are also important aspects of crypto trading. Keeping an eye on the value of your chosen crypto is also a must.

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