How has Bitcoin Technology helped in empowering women
How has Bitcoin Technology helped in empowering women

Every time you open any news website, you will be bombarded by blockchain and Bitcoin Technology. It is taking the world by a storm, and blockchain, the Technology behind Bitcoins, can do a lot more than most people think. The power of blockchain technology can push for women’s economic empowerment and help them have a greater position in society.

Blockchain technology can help previously disadvantaged disenfranchised groups to be empowered. One of the most prominent groups suffering in many parts of the world is women due to societal barriers. Evan go blockchain Technology cannot break social norms; it can provide individuals with tools to transform them. It can be used to encourage women who are economically dormant in many places due to a lack of infrastructure to come out of their barriers and fight for their rights.

Some Ways Blockchain Technology Can Be Used To Empower Women:

Provide A Way To Keep Their Records Safe

In many parts of the world, especially in developing countries, women are far less likely to have any official id. It is often the man in the family who will have proper documentation. Many women in such countries do not have a birth certificate, and the name is not in any governmental records. All this can be changed with blockchain technology, as it can keep your records cost-effectively and safely. Blockchain Technology can provide women all over the world the power to have digital IDs, which will allow them to own land and create bank accounts. It will economically help them as one day they will enter the job market with these ideas

It Has The Power To Reduce The Percentage Of Insecure Land Rights Of Women

If you look at the two sexes, you will find that women are exceptionally disproportionately affected by insecure land rights. Even in any of the progressive countries, you will find these numbers favor men. One of the biggest reasons for this is that in many parts of the world, land laws are entrenched in patriarchal ideals that often tend men to hold hands and be the master of the family. Even in places where women can have property in their name, they are often cheated out of their inheritance by the men of the family. With blockchain technology, they can protect their property rights and eliminate the issue of unscrupulous individuals targeting their land.

Help Them Make A Secure Financial Transaction

This is probably given, considering blockchain technology is used to power the most prominent decentralized form of e-currency. Many women do not have their bank accounts; however, cryptocurrency wallets can be used by anyone residing in any part of the world, giving women the autonomy, they often do not have. Witness the power of blockchain Technology and Bitcoins through websites like Bitcoin Supreme Cryptocurrencies are genuinely transforming our planet, and they can give a lot of autonomy to marginalized communities. If used properly, it can help achieve a lot of sustainable goals made by the United Nations, one of which is to empower women.

Even though we have stepped into the 21st century, the condition of women still is pretty dismal due to societal barriers and archaic patriarchal structures. The costumes of society that continue to undermine the position of women in society can be challenged with the use of blockchain and Bitcoin Technology.


It’s time we use all the different advantages of technological advancement to give marginalized people the voice and resources to live a life without being bound in shackles made by society.

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