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How To Write An Argumentative Essay


Many students today are concerned about how to write an argumentative essay. There are many options, but this article presents the most generalized outline of an argumentative essay. It doesn’t matter whether you are writing an essay on a topic about war or a literary work – the structure will be the same, and it will work in all cases. It involves identifying the main theme. You can do this with the help of keywords that occur frequently in the text. Next, it is necessary to indicate the degree of relevance of the given topic: is it topical for our time? Or, perhaps, it was on the agenda in the last century?

An example of how to start writing an introduction:

  • This text deals with a topic that is current today…
  • The author of the text draws our attention to…
  • The text raises a perennial theme…

You can start your essay with a quote or proverb related to the topic. Or with your statement, for example: “I believe that…” or “In my opinion…”.

After all, an essay does involve reasoning! So you can safely agree with the author or, conversely, refute his words. Remember, you will need a whole range of arguments and evidence in both cases. By the way, if you know something about the author himself, you can write a couple of sentences about him in the introduction. This is a creative task that requires a large vocabulary and the ability to think creatively. Students often have to write essays on different topics. As the academic assignments can be difficult, we are sure that you often ask yourself can I pay for essay in order to get a good grade. And it is reasonable because essay services provide high-quality professional help.

How To Write An Outline Of An Argumentative Essay?

The main thing here is to understand how the problem is different from the topic. A problem is a specific issue raised in the text. 

Typically, the problem is identified either at the beginning or at the end of the essay. It depends on the author’s mindset. The author offers his point of view on the problem he outlines, and your task is to agree with it or dispute it.

In this part of the reasoning essay, you need to reflect on some questions. What audience is the text intended for? Who might be interested in the problem it raises? Is it a social, moral, philosophical, political, environmental, or psychological problem? Is it a problem that has been discussed in literature? Etc.

In doing so, the commentary should not retell the source text or discuss all the problems at once. The best option would be to single out the most important subject. Study it as best you can. The point of this reasoning essay stage is for you to demonstrate how you understood the problem formulated by the author.

You need to give various arguments to prove your position. These can be examples from life and/or literary experience. Recall what happened to you, your relatives, friends, neighbors, or literary characters you know. There are likely to be a couple of examples that support your position.

It is important to express your opinion objectively and correctly. At the same time, you should not simply repeat the thoughts of the author of the original text.

Since the reasoning essay assumes the presence of several arguments, you can list them using such grammatical structures as first, second, third, etc., as well as using various introductory words: on the one hand, on the other hand. The following constructions will also help to express an opinion: “I completely agree with the author because…” or “I do not share the author’s position because…” etc.

An argumentative essay should contain at least two arguments that support your point of view. It is recommended that you begin each argument in a new paragraph.

If you have a problem with how to introduce an argument into the text, you can use these phrases:

  • It is easy to prove it this way…
  • This can be seen by referring to (facts, scientific data, etc.) …
  • There are many examples to support my position…
  • Various introductory words and constructions such as: “Suppose…”, “According to…”, “Since…”, etc. are also in use.

The conclusions should be summarized in this part of the essay. You can indicate what impression the text made on you. The main thing is to present your thoughts as concisely as possible: the length of the conclusion should fit into 2-3 sentences. The last part of the essay should indicate the completion of your work.

So, a generalized outline of the essay explanation looks like this:

  • Introductory part.
  • Identification of the problem in the text.
  • Your commentary on the problem.
  • Establishing the author’s position.
  • Your own opinion is supported by at least two proofs.
  • Concluding part.


  1. Think through the logic of the construction of your essay.
  2. Try not only to avoid mistakes but also dilute your work with various grammatical constructions and extensive vocabulary.
  3. Observe ethics in your writing. You should not use foul language or insult someone in your essay.
  4. Reread your draft carefully.
  5. You can find many essay-expression templates on the Internet today on a variety of topics. Act according to the established algorithm, and you are sure to succeed!

How To Write An Argumentative Essay On Any Topic

An essay is probably one of the most difficult written works at school. After all, when preparing it, a schoolchild needs to show creative and intellectual abilities. In addition, the creation of a masterpiece of writing given one or two lessons. 

An essay is your thoughts aloud on a particular topic. You can choose a topic depending on the subject. Very often the teacher gives a specific topic to the student. If it’s an essay of reasoning, try to imagine yourself as a journalist proving your point of view. If you’re having trouble with your homework, find good services on reddit to keep up with your studies.

Final Words

The teacher offers a thesis for reflection. You have to agree with him and defend your position. Your essay must be written according to a certain structure. The main goal is to prove your point of view. The introduction is the thesis, the main idea that you need to prove. The main part is the proof of the thesis. This is the part where you have to use arguments. The conclusion is a summary.

We hope you understand how to prove your point in an essay. If necessary, look for examples on the Internet. But you must write in your manner, not copy off. You will need the ability to defend your opinion in the future. You will learn to think logically and creatively and to speak persuasively if you practice writing essays. You will succeed, you just need a little effort!

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