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7 Guest Posting Mistakes You Should Avoid


A blog or a website has become the new platform for the products and services for promotion. Nowadays you would find blogs for almost every niche. Since most people spend most of their time online, companies or brands try to promote their service on online platforms rather than on traditional media. But these promotional activities can only get successful if your blog or website has a good amount of traffic or audience. If your blog or website is new then you might have to work on its promotion and visibility to attract more audience.

Search Engine Optimization is known to be the core activity that marketers use to promote the blog or a website. There are many factors involved in it that help to rank the website in the search engine. Link building is known to be one of the most effective techniques in SEO that helps to get backlinks from various websites and sources. Hence most marketers put a lot of effort into building tons of backlinks for the blog. The process of link building involves posting the articles in other blogs and forums without any monetary benefits. This process is known as guest posting where the author shares the post to the other website to get the link to his or her website. There are many agencies that offer guest posting services. The guest posting method has been proven to be effective in many ways but there are few things that you would need to avoid while doing the same. Here is the list.

Using Technical Jargons

Blogging or article writing is all about using simple words which your reader can understand. Hence most blog owners or website owners focus on using simple and short sentences to write the content on their website. Using difficult words or technical jargons can easily turn off your readers since they won’t understand what you are trying to say.  You might be experienced in your field or niche but your audience or reader is a layman and hence you would need to use simple words to put your message across.

Not Giving Importance To Proofread

No matter how good you are in writing you tend to make a minor mistake here or there. Hence it is always advisable to proofread your content before publishing it. The content with error will leave a bad impression on your readers and they might not look at your write-ups in the future as well. You can use various online tools to proofread your article to avoid grammatical mistakes.

Not Targeting The Right Audience

What is the purpose of guest posting? To attract readers to your website. But what if you are passing the information to the wrong set of audiences? A reader who is interested to read about football might not like to read about the new appetizer recipe. Hence make sure you do complete research about the audience of a platform for which you will be writing. You can go through the existing content or articles published on the website to get an idea. Make sure the niche that you would write for would be the same as your blog or website.

Not Planning Your Content

This would be the very first step that you should take before starting the blog post. You would need to have a clear picture in your mind about the expectations from your post whether you wish to gain new subscribers or you want the reader to take any action on your website. You would need to plan and write the content accordingly then. Do your research in advance about the particular blog that you would be writing for in terms of its daily visits, users, and more.

Not Adhering To Guidelines

Every blog or website would have certain guidelines to follow. They would share those guidelines with you in advance to refer to before you start writing. Make sure you write the article according to those guidelines or set of instructions. Failing to which can result in rejection of the article and all of your efforts could go in vain.

Not Accepting The Edits

Being a blog owner, the publisher would scan your article multiple times and ask you for the edits if it does not fit according to the guidelines or structure. But it does not mean that you are being questioned or doubted about your capabilities. Hence make sure you keep your mind free from such thoughts and allow edits from the publisher whenever required.

Writing On Similar Topics

Writing on the same topic which has already been published can cause article rejection. No matter how good you have written it if it is giving the same message or giving the same information which has already been published on the website then a publisher can reject your article. Hence it is recommended to scan the blog or website and check if the topic has already been covered.

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