Features to Look for In Any Commercial Property Management Software-

Using commercial property management software can enhance the scalability, efficiency and profitability of your business. It is important to determine your requirements and decide which plan provides the best and most robust solution. Are you managing net leases on multi-tenant properties? Do you need the capability to budget for and calculate common area maintenance instalments? Then you need software specifically designed for commercial property management. Here are some features to look for in any commercial property management software.

What is Included?

Remember that, regardless of business size, commercial net leasing is almost similar in scope. Every property landlord should track capital, contracting cost, operating expenses, reconciliations, budgets, cost recoveries and various lease terms. Some key elements of Property Management software are:

  • The document, lease, and expense management
  • Automated workflows
  • Searchable records
  • Budgeting¬†
  • Online service requests
  • Customized roles and permissions
  • Documentation and standardized administration
  • Recovery processing and CAM allocation
  • Automated notifications and reporting functions


The main reason for using a program of property management software is to automate your commercial net leasing workflow processes. A generalized automation program cannot process the unique transaction, so look for the program that automates the most complex calculations for you instantly. 

Check whether your software has capabilities that meet your management and reporting requirements because it will not be worth the investment when it doesn’t meet your requirement. The economic code can give leasing, automation of property date, budgeting rent, reconciliations, CAM fees, coverage and property management fees. In addition, software should also support every kind of property in your net lease portfolio. 

Online Rental Collection

It is a major advantage of having an online portal for handling the collection of rent. This is because it will make it easier to collect rent and avoid the risks of mailed rent payments. So look for online rental collection when you are searching for commercial property management software. 

Renter to Manager Communications

Having an open line of communication is a key part of enhancing the tenant experiences and remaining aware of important issues. The best software programs have tools to help foster renter to manager communication like resident portals where tenants can check their rental agreements and leave comments or messages. 

Financial Reporting Features

The dashboards that permit property managers to quickly review their expenses and financial gain across all of their properties is crucial for following trends. Look for the financial reporting features in the property management software as it will be useful for identifying the issue so the property manager could dig into the cause of the discrepancy. 

Applicant Screening

For screening potential renters, credit checks are important to ensure they can realistically afford the rent. Remember, it will not help anyone have tenants obligated to pay more rent than they make in a month.

Wrapping it Up

The above mentioned are a few things that you have to look for when you are planning to get any commercial property management software. Do your research and ask for the recommendation to end up with effective and affordable software that helps you in the long run. 

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