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A Beginners Guide To Telematics And Its Role In Efficient Trucking


Vehicles receive and transmit data via satellite signals and sensors installed within their systems. The field of telematics refers to the blend of information technology and telecommunications.

When data from the vehicle is transmitted to another location through cellular data, WiFi, radio frequencies, or various digital channels, those systems involved in the transmission and reception of data are referred to as telematics systems.

GPS fleet tracking devices are used in these systems to pinpoint a vehicle’s current location and map out where it’s going. Apps and in-built software are integrated into telematics systems to make the process of reviewing data a lot easier. Besides tracking vehicles, telematics systems are optimized to display reports about fuel usage, vehicle diagnostics information, and provide insights into managing vehicle repairs and their accompanying equipment.

Fleet management is a huge responsibility, and it’s impossible to manage so many tasks and workflows in logistics and shipping without the help of these. Today, we’ll be delving into telematics systems and tell you exactly what they’re capable of doing in the trucking industry.

Location Tracking

Finding out the vehicle’s location and displaying where it’s headed is a key feature of most telematics software. Your assets are valuable, and keeping tabs on them using GPS trackers linked to telematics apps is crucial.

Recording Stops

Telematics systems are able to record stopovers and log their duration. If a driver has multiple stops and pauses for a while in each of them, the app will help you estimate how long it takes to head towards each stop, while gauging traffic and road conditions. You get insights into the logistics workflow this way and know what to expect for future deliveries.

Mapping Out Routes

Drivers who are new to the area and don’t know how to navigate quickly, find telematics systems invaluable. For efficient trucking, mapping out the routes which make deliveries go faster can make a world of difference. Happier customers equal a booming business, and by ensuring timely (but speedy) deliveries, you make magic happen.

Driver Safety

Sometimes drivers may find themselves facing delays in shipments due to road conditions or traffic. During these crunch moments, they have no choice but to speed up. However, crossing the speed limit could spell disaster for your business if the vehicle breaks the law. It could promote reckless driving behaviors in the future too, if left unchecked. Telematics systems provide feedback to fleet managers by providing dashboard statistics and displaying the speeds of vehicles.

If a vehicle is found speeding, an alert is immediately sent to the manager so that they can immediately call up and act. This helps in keeping drivers safe by preventing accidents or any legal incidents.

Monitoring Fuel Usage

Keeping track of fuel usage and vehicle mileage is important because the data is needed for filing tax records. Telematics systems keep a log of this information. OBD GPS trackers paired with a telematics platform help in achieving this.

Fault Codes

Fault codes are used in vehicle lights, and they send reports to fleet managers instantly when something is wrong. Telematics software will immediately alert drivers and tell them to return to base when the check engine lights turn on. Fleet managers can also be notified so that they’re aware that the vehicle requires repairs or maintenance. Again, fleet telematics software and systems help in taking care of this.

Brake Force Check

Sometimes drivers run into cases where they’re forced to brake suddenly. That’s okay, but when you do it often, it stresses out the tires, which leads to wear and tear. This could affect insurance premiums, and if you’re worried about the mileage of your vehicle, you’d want to keep tabs on the brake force. Telematics software monitors this by default and helps correct situations where drivers tend to hit the brakes too hard.

AI Dashcam Monitoring

Without AI dashcams, it’s hard to know what’s going on on the road. It’s impossible to ride with your drivers, and when they know you’re watching, they change their behavior. This is where telematics is a game-changer. By linking apps to AI dashcams, you get live video feedback on the vehicle and surroundings.

There are no back and forth disputes since everything’s recorded on camera. AI technology in dashcams provides dynamic video playback, not just static video. You get clear shots of the surroundings, which become invaluable when it comes to filing insurance claims for road incidents.

Emergency Measures

Tracing lost vehicles and shipments, preventing engine breakdowns and tire punctures in the middle of the road, and making sure drivers don’t abandon their vehicles – these are all emergency measures that have to be kept in place. Telematics platforms are equipped to deal with these and provide backup plans that help out fleet managers when they’re in a pinch.

Legal Compliance

Vehicles have to meet the criteria of the law when it comes to scheduling repairs, maintenance, and replacing any broken parts. Legal compliance refers to the fact that vehicles meet road and safety standards. Telematics software has in-depth vehicle diagnostics that improve the safety and features of your vehicles. It makes sure that your fleet is legally compliant, and if anything is amiss, you’ll be immediately notified via email, text updates, or phone calls.

And when you’re on a busy schedule, sometimes people end up making mistakes and miss out on manual checks. The software intervenes and sends reminders so that everything stays on track.


Telematics software is for so much more than just tracking your vehicles. It helps in getting insights about the delivery process and helps you optimize overall driver performance. And not just that, it’s useful in boosting fuel mileage and making sure that you get what’s worth your money.

Samsara is a leading brand in the telematics industry and offers plenty of smart, accessible solutions to fleet owners. You can try out their software or request a demo if you’re interested.


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