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3D Configurators: What It Means For The Apparel Industry


Regardless of the kind of clothing you sell and offer, you need to give your customers a wonderful experience while browsing through your store. You might be thinking that you’re doing everything to guarantee a fun shopping experience. But customer habits and expectations are constantly changing, even more so now. 

Fashion is a great way to express oneself. It shows a little bit of one’s personality without having to say much. This is something that customers are looking for when shopping. And, this is something you should capitalize on. Giving your customers the ability to add their own touch to a product can take your business to the next level.

Potential Of 3D Configuration

Product configurators are becoming more popular each day. With these, you’re granting your customers more engagement and participation in purchasing a product. But if you’re still wondering if 3D configurators are for you, then keep reading. You don’t have to worry about doing it yourself because you’ll eventually find a 3D garment configurator online to help you get started.

Here are some of the advantages and effects of 3D configurators for the apparel industry:

1. It’s Immersive

As mentioned, customers’ shopping habits are changing, and so should your merchandising style. Merely displaying pictures of your products with brief descriptions isn’t enough to satisfy your customers. 

Nowadays, they crave the ability to control the experience and product they’re buying. Plus, customers would want to make sure that the product they see in the picture is what they’re actually getting. And this is where the magic of 3D visualizations comes into play.

With 3D product visualization, your customers can look at your product from any angle. Thus, you’re giving them the ability to examine all the ins and outs of the apparel.

2. Used As An Advertising Tool

What’s also powerful about 3D visualization is that it’s not restricted to your e-commerce site alone. You can use this to engage and draw possible customers in. 

By using 3D in your ads, you’re interacting with customers before they even visit your site. When they visit your web store, they’re already excited to see what you can offer. 

Create an immersive and interactive product engagement through 3D visuals. And showcase it throughout your social media platforms. This will allow you to gain more traffic than your usual product images.

3. Catalog For Your Clothes

Showing your clothes in 3D is also similar to a product catalog. This serves as the main hub when your customers are looking at the clothes you offer. 

The thing about the 3D catalog is that you can add a drag-and drop-configurator. With this dynamic feature, your products can come to life. 

Better yet, you may also add augmented reality so that your customers can gauge how your products will fit into their everyday lives. 

Reasons To Get A 3D Configurator

The potentials of 3D configurators in your apparel business are many. The 3D configurator is a familiar tune for some brands, especially brands in high-street and high-fashion brands. 

This is because it’s an engaging way of giving your customer the ability to customize your product and design it their way. But other than that, both customers and retailers constantly find more reasons why having a 3D configurator is better. The following are some of the reasons why you should consider getting one:

1. Smoother Online Shopping Experience

Although there’s a significant shift to digital marketing, most customers are still looking to analyze the product before buying. This includes looking at the minor details from all viewpoints. 

 It likewise gives a photorealistic vibe when shopping. And if done right, online shopping can feel more realistic and tangible.

With a 3D configurator, you’re also giving your customers the ability to personalize the product. Doing so allows them to understand the value of the item better. They can see for themselves how different materials affect the value of the item. This will also let them know why some products cost more than others. 

Especially if you have customers who want to buy shirts wholesale, you can allow them to customize the size, prints, colors, and the like which is very much similar to making their own t-shirts

Thus, a 3D configurator is the best way of providing product descriptions. Instead of reading lengthy chunks of descriptive texts, your customers can see things for themselves. All of these together create a better experience that can even exceed in-store shopping.

2. Decrease Costs For Photography

Aside from enhancing user experience, a 3D configurator can also help you cut costs in photography. Online shopping is not complete without visuals. And with the increasing digitization of practically everything, your customers are bombarded with photos and videos for advertising everywhere. 

Most online customers want around three to five product images when shopping. And this will even go higher in the next coming years due to the popularity of online shopping. This means that if you have 100 products to offer and each comes in three different colors, you’ll need a total of 2,400 photos. 

This is only the bare minimum if you want to satisfy your customers visually. 

As a result, this could mean a higher cost for product photo shoots alone. Now, you might be asking yourself how on earth will you be able to compete with that. 

With the increasing demand for visually compelling content, the idea of creating them traditionally is both costly and timely. This is where 3D configurations step in. 

The whole process of making 3D visuals only includes generating the images through software algorithms. This means that you can produce more images in a shorter period. 

Add to that the fact that getting a 3D configurator is a one-time purchase. Thus, you don’t have to keep paying for product photoshoots. And if your products come in different colors, you can easily change them digitally. This means that you’ll be saving money that you otherwise would spend more on photo shoots. 

On top of all this, 3D configuration also gives you enough room to adapt to ever-changing customer habits. Instead of a static image, your customers get to see a movable one. Talk about future-proofing your brand!

3.Bridge Demand And Production Together

Most importantly, an advanced 3D configurator also allows you to automate the design process. Instead of relying on everything to your staff, you’re digitizing production altogether, from converting designs to printing the product. This is one less hassle for you and your employees. 


Your attire and clothing are very personal decisions. The way you dress is seen as an extension of who you are as a person. And if this is how your customers view apparel, it just makes sense to opt for a 3D configurator. 

More than ever, customers are starting to shop more online. Of course, you don’t want to sacrifice adding a personal touch on purchases in the name of convenience if there’s a more practical way to do so. 3D configurators are changing the apparel industry as we know it, and your business should be able to adapt to these advances. 

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