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10 MCU Facts That Will Turn You into Avid Fan of Marvel Movies


We are all fascinated by the world of comic books and superheroes to some level. We have all dreamt of having our own superpowers as kids. However, pop culture now brings people closer to this world by bringing it to life on television. Despite the growing number of films and television series accessible, some of us still have a desire for much more. Here are the must-know 10 MCU facts that will turn you into avid fans of Marvel movies.

Iron Man was the first film in the MCU, which was released in 2008. and the scores of blockbusters that followed have made it feel like a century has passed. The Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Iron Man two, The Initial Marvel’s Avengers were released in the first phase of the MCU’s plot.

The success of early movies would be why films like Avengers: Endgame was able to do so well, but how well does everyone know Phase one? In Addition, it’s been a very long period since it finished. However, it is very easy to ignore a number of the finer points of those films, and we’re here to help you with that. 

However, the success of these movies depends upon the order of the movies and the ideal way to watch Marvel movies in chronological order is essential if you really want to hit your brain with enjoyment and thriller. 

Here are those 10 MCU facts that will turn you into an avid fan of Marvel movies:

1. It Was Difficult to Pick Iron Man For the 1st Marvel Cinematics Universe Character.

Viewers of the Marvel comics are familiar with the character, although most people are unaware of him because he was not outside of the boundaries of animation, or comics prior to 2008. Although, finding quality authors for the picture was difficult for Marvel Studios. Moreover, almost more than thirty authors turned down because they were unable to complete the job because they lacked sufficient knowledge of the personality to be able to accept that character a huge project.

2. The Majority of Phase One Films are Completed Less than a Week

When you see any MCU’s Phase one films, you might get the impression that the events are stretched over a prolonged time.  However, it turned out, practically every single one of the pictures was really only released for a week. 

The majority of the scenes in Captain America took hardly a week to film, but only a fraction of that time to film. This is true for other Marvel films as well such as The Hulk and Iron Man 2 were filmed over a longer period of time.

3. Movie Star Lou-Ferrigno Has More Hulk Appearances Than Anybody Else.

The Hulk TV series introduced Lou-Ferrigno to the MCU in 1977. He worked the green anger monster to the year 1982 when he came back for television films. That would’ve been the conclusion of his superhero career, but instead, he signed up for another 30 years. 

In Addition, in almost every animated movie series, he has voiced the Hulk, involving him, plus live-action performances. This contains both classic animation and computer-generated imagery shows. He played a cameo appearance in both 2003 Hulk films by Ang Lee and The Hulk.

4. It Can’t Be Seen in Theme Parks in the East of The Place Called Mississippi, ‘Big’ Marvel Characters

The company has been sold. Fox, Sony, Universal, and others have acquired film rights, but it’s a different story relating to the theme parks. Due to Marvel’s large-scale sale of cinematic rights in the 1990s, the rights to Marvel characters are a tangled mess. However, the most well-known theme parks are owned by Disney and characters. This means it cannot share the same players or characters at its two US parks.

5. The Success of “Thor” Greatly Helped Chris Hemsworth’s Films.

Chris Hemsworth was a relative unknown before Thor, with a few credits to his name but little recognition among the general public. Thor revolutionized everything, but it wasn’t his first movie The actor previously featured in The Cabin in the Woods and Red Dawn. 

Neither film was released after it was completed owing to MGM’s continuous financial difficulties at the time. However, those two films were eventually released in 2011 and 2012, although fans of Hemsworth may have found them weird. After all, Hemsworth wasn’t the lead, and given his success in the (MCU), which began with 2011’s Thor, he should have been, right?

6. Chris Evans Refused to Play Captain America on Multiple Occasions Due to Anxiety.

Chris Evans almost didn’t get the role of Captain America. John Krasinski decided he wasn’t the best fit for the part. Evans, like many others, suffers from anxiety and was concerned about the role’s impact on his life. The part came with a six-movie agreement, which is significantly more than most film contracts require.

An actor might sign on to a handful if they’re lucky, but the MCU is different. Evans expressed his concerns in a Twitter video in which he discussed his lifelong issue with anxiety and described how the commitment to such a huge number of films would have been tough for him to manage. He claimed it would be a ten-year commitment, which frightened him, so he passed.

7. Mark Ruffalo is the only actor to portray both Banner and the Hulk in the same film.

The actor who plays both Bruce Banner and the Hulk in The Avengers: Age of Ultron has been revealed. Mark Ruffalo is the only actor to play both characters in the same film at the same time, making him the first person to achieve the rare feat. 

Bruce Banner and the Hulk were always played by two actors before The Avengers. Bill Bixby portrayed Banner in the 1978 television series, while Lou Ferrigno portrayed the Hulk. Eric Bana played Banner in the 2003 Ang Lee film, which was motion-captured by Lee himself.

8. Jon Favreau Battled Marvel for The Right to Cast Robert Downey Jr. As Tony Stark.

It’s challenging to imagine anyone other than Robert Downey Jr. playing Tony Stark, but he almost didn’t get the part. Around the turn of the century, Downey had some severe legal and substance abuse issues, and it was usual for studios to refuse to hire him. 

Fortunately, Jon Favreau was unyielding, and despite being told “no” several times, he refused to give up. However, Marvel Studios director Jon Favreau said in an interview that Marvel’s response to his request to hire Robert Downey Jr. was “under no circumstances are we prepared to hire him for any price,” according to Favreau.

9. In the first ‘Iron Man,’ Terrence Howard made more money than Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jeff Bridges combined.

Terrence Howard played Colonel James Rhodey Rhodes opposite Robert Downey Jr. in the original Iron Man film. He was the highest-paid member of the cast, despite Gwyneth Paltrow has an Oscar on her mantle at home. The increased remuneration can be attributed to his agent’s quick work on finalizing his contract.

However, when it came time to film the sequel he was replaced by Don Cheadle. There are numerous theories as to why this happened, most of which revolve around money. It’s thought he would have received a fraction of his wage for the sequel.

10. When filming on ‘Iron Man,’ the script wasn’t finished.

It was challenging to begin the MCU with Iron Man. The script had yet to be completed when the shooting began, which created significant problems for the actors and crew. Jeff Bridges explained this in an interview within contention. This created significant problems for the actors and crew. Jeff Bridges explains why it wasn’t handled in the same manner as most film productions.

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