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Why You Need a WordPress SEO Specialist in Your Marketing Team


The internet is a fast-moving, ever-changing landscape. Search engines change, new technologies emerge, and users constantly migrate from one platform to another. Keeping up with this constant change is a challenge for all businesses—but it can be especially challenging for WordPress SEO agencies.

It’s hard to know how much time and money you should spend on SEO when you’re just starting because it’s hard to predict what will work and what won’t while offering WordPress SEO services. 

But at least one thing is clear: You need a WordPress SEO specialist who is knowledgeable regarding search engines. There are many reasons why you should consider hiring an expert who focuses on this topic, so I’m going to break down seven of them:

In-Depth Knowledge Of SEO

The first reason you need an SEO specialist in your marketing team is that they have in-depth SEO knowledge. This means they deeply understand the intricacies of search engine optimization (SEO). They also know how to use the right tools and software (like Google Analytics) to track how Google ranks your site against other sites ranking well for similar keywords.

Years Of Experience Under the Belt

SEO experts have been around for years and years, so they know what works and doesn’t. They also have the ability to do it the right way the first time, which is essential when your clients are spending thousands of dollars on a marketing campaign.

Understanding Of Code 

The code behind your website is what determines how well it ranks in search engines. If someone has never touched code before, they don’t know how to optimize a site for search engines or even what exactly “SEO” means! A WordPress SEO specialist knows about coding so they can write custom code for the site that gets it ranked higher in search engines.

Maximize Your Revenue

Search engine optimization isn’t just about getting people to visit your website; it’s also about increasing revenue by improving traffic and increasing conversions from visitors into leads or customers (or both!).

Can Write Compelling Content

Creating compelling content is the key if you want to attract more customers or users to the website. It doesn’t matter if your client is promoting an ecommerce store or trying to inform customers about your latest product releases — if people don’t find what they are looking for on the website, they may never return! A WordPress SEO specialist can help create content that will get people excited about revisiting the site, which is another way to discover new products or services.

Familiar With Google’s Algorithms

An SEO expert knows what happens behind the scenes when someone searches for a specific term on Google. They not only know the technical aspects of running an SEO campaign but also the legal and ethical issues involved with working with search engines.

Aware Of Your Competitors’ Strengths And Weaknesses

If you’re a solo entrepreneur, it’s easy to be blindsided by the competition. You may not even realize that your competitors are out there until you do some deep research, which is why having a WordPress SEO specialist on your team makes all the difference. They’ll be aware of what the competitors are doing and how you can stay ahead of them.


Consider a WordPress SEO specialist in your marketing team a necessity if you want to compete on a larger level. If your SEO fails, then you fail, plain and simple. To avoid disappointment and frustration in the future, ensure your online marketing efforts include the help of a WordPress SEO expert today.

Author Bio:

Ronik Patel is the CEO & Founder of UnlimitedWP, A White Label WordPress Development Agency located in Boston, the USA offering Unlimited WordPress tasks for digital and web agencies at a fixed monthly cost.

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