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What Is White Label SEO and How Does It Work?

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Search engine optimization (SEO) has become a priority for businesses as more people consult the internet for information on products and services. Not all businesses have the resources, time, or expertise to manage their SEO. Companies without SEO resources may outsource SEO services from white label SEO companies. Here is more information about white label SEO and how it works:

How Does White Label SEO Work?

White label SEO is also known as private-label SEO or SEO reselling. It refers to digital marketing agencies outsourcing SEO services from another company and reselling them under its brand. Acquiring private-label SEO services allows businesses to cater to clients’ SEO needs. This can happen without investing in an in-house SEO team. Here is a breakdown of the SEO reselling process:¬†

Finding an SEO Provider

The first step to providing private-label SEO services is to find a reliable SEO company. After finding an SEO partner, your agency may sign a service agreement or purchase a certain number of SEO packages from them. 

You continue to manage customer relationships while the SEO company handles SEO services like keyword search, link building, and content creation for your clients. The SEO company may also provide regular SEO performance updates. They often include search engine rankings and page traffic metrics for their clients. 

Customization and Onboarding  

After finding a white label SEO company, your agency can customize your SEO service offerings to align with clients’ needs. You can divide your services into on-page and off-page SEO. You can pitch the SEO services as part of your comprehensive digital marketing strategy. When a client signs up for SEO services, your white label partner begins the SEO process.¬†

SEO Campaign Kickoff 

The SEO process begins by communicating your client’s SEO goals, such as establishing an online presence or increasing engagement, with the SEO reseller. The white label SEO agency uses this information to optimize your client’s website and create content that helps them attain their goal. Regular updates on metrics like click-through rates and domain authority from your private-label SEO provider allow you to monitor the progress of the SEO campaign. You can share this information with your clients to show them the results of your SEO services.

Why Use Private-label SEO?

Private-label SEO benefits digital marketing agencies seeking to introduce SEO into their service offerings without incurring extensive business costs. By using the skills and resources of a specialized SEO agency, you can refocus your energies on your core business objectives. Here are a few reasons to use private-label SEO:

Scalable Services

When you hire a white label SEO company, you may be able to take on more SEO clients than you would with an in-house team. You are also not limited to the type of SEO services you can offer. An SEO company has experts for all the services your clients may need. With more experts and resources, you can scale service offerings according to your client’s demands. This allows you to grow your business organically.¬†

Access To Expertise

The staff at private-label SEO companies are specialists in their field and stay updated on trends in different industries. They also track changes in search engine ranking factors and adapt their SEO strategies to these changes. Outsourcing SEO services from these professionals allows your agency to access their expertise at a lower cost than maintaining an in-house team. 

Save Time

Outsourcing SEO services can help free up your time, allowing you to focus on other marketing aspects like social media engagement and website design. You can also allocate your free time to client acquisition, strategy development, and business growth. Working with SEO experts allows you to provide quick and efficient services, which may then improve customer satisfaction.


Outsourcing SEO to a white label provider can be more cost-effective than building and maintaining an internal SEO team. Instead of paying salaries to a full-time staff, you can pay an SEO provider when you need their services. This allows you to save money when you do not have SEO clients. 

Find Professional SEO Services Today

Outsourcing SEO to a white label provider may benefit agencies looking to offer comprehensive SEO services. It allows them to use outsourced SEO skills without the burden of managing an in-house SEO team. By partnering with specialized SEO providers, agencies can expand their service offerings and deliver quality results to their clients. Contact a private-label company today for assistance in introducing SEO into your service offerings.

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