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What is Included in Google Workspace


Google Workspace is Google’s suite of cloud computing, productivity, and workplace collaboration tools and applications. 

It was launched in 2006 as Google Apps, then rebranded as G Suite back in 2016 before being rebranded again in 2020 into Google Workspace.

If you’ve used Gmail or Google Meet in the past, then you’re already somewhat familiar with Google Workspace, but there are also other popular tools and apps like Google Docs and Google Forms, among others.

Most of the apps and services included in Google Workspace are totally free, which contributes to its surge in popularity in recent years. However, Google also offers premium enterprise features, which include options like unlimited Google Drive storage and custom email addresses.

The cloud-based service is designed to allow multiple users to simultaneously collaborate on documents like spreadsheets or presentations, all in real-time. And being based on Google’s data centers, Google Workspace users will also gain the advantage of Google’s reliability and security.

In this guide, we will discuss what apps and services are included in Google Workspace, and the different tiers of Google Workspace that are available, including which apps are free or paid versions.

Google Workspace: Core Services

At the moment, Google offers 10 core applications and services within the Google Workspace ecosystem:

  1. Gmail: at the moment, the world’s most popular email service
  2. Drive: cloud storage and file management/synchronization service
  3. Docs/Sheets/Slides: a popular word processor (Google Docs), spreadsheet (Google Sheets), and presentation (Google Slides) app, integrated with Google Drive as the main offerings of Google Workspace
  4. Forms: cloud-based survey application
  5. Calendar: online cloud calendar
  6. Meet: video conferencing application
  7. Chat: communication software to facilitate direct messaging and chat rooms.
  8. Currents: Enterprise internal social networking and engagement solution
  9. Sites: a collaborative tool to create and edit websites 
  10. Keep: cloud-based note-taking solution

Let’s start by diving in a bit more on these core offerings.

1. Gmail

Gmail is, at the moment, the most popular email client in the world.

The web-based email service is relatively young, ‘only’ introduced in 2004, but now Gmail has over 1.5 billion active users, a testament to Google’s reliability and robust offerings.

While Gmail is available for free, as a part of the (paid) premium Google Workspace service, Gmail offers various useful business-focused features, including:

  • Custom domain name for an email address 
  • 30GB+ storage space
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Guaranteed uptime (99.9%) with zero maintenance downtime
  • Integration with third-party email services (i.e., Microsoft Outlook)

2. Drive

According to Google’s own description, Google Drive is a “place where you can create, share, collaborate, and keep your files.”

Drive is a cloud-based storage and file management solution, allowing its users to easily upload any type of file to the cloud and share it with others through a Google Drive URL. Other users with the URL can easily access the file from any device. Google Drive apps are available on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS to facilitate easy synchronization and file sharing.

Google Drive is also available for free, but as a part of the premium Google Workspace offerings, there are additional features available for users, including:

  • Administrator control and authentication features
  • More storage (30GB, 2TB, 5TB/user, or unlimited) depending on the plan
  • Analytics and reporting insights for file sharing and access activities

3. Docs/Sheets/Slides

A word processor (Google Docs), spreadsheet (Google Sheets), and presentation (Google Slides) app, all of which are direct competitors to Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, respectively.

As cloud-based applications, they are focused on facilitating real-time collaboration and easy file sharing, allowing users to easily view and edit documents through a web browser, even on mobile devices.

Docs/Sheets/Slides are available for free, but there are additional features designed for enterprise use for paid Google Workspace plans, including unlimited revision history.

4. Forms

An online survey solution offering similar sharing features that are also offered by Google Drive (and Docs/Sheets/Slides) to facilitate easy file sharing and synchronization. 

5. Calendar

As the name suggests, Google Calendar is an online calendar with time-tracking and scheduling features.

As with many other Workspace services, Google Calendar is available for free, but offers premium features for paid Workspace plans, including:

  • Advanced scheduling features, like smart scheduling where Calendar automatically finds appropriate locations and times based on registered users’ schedules
  • Public calendar visibility for consumers
  • Integration with Google Sites

6. Meet

A video conferencing solution similar to Skype and Zoom, Google Meet uses Google’s own protocol and standards-based SIP/H.323 protocols, allowing for easy integration to video conferencing equipment and software.

7. Chat

Google Chat is a team communication tool similar to Slack and Microsoft Teams, facilitating users with fast and reliable direct messaging and group chat functionalities. It also offers native integrations with Google Drive, so users can easily share files stored on Google Drive (including Docs/Slides/Sheets files) via Chat.

8. Currents

An internal social networking and engagement solution, allowing users to share posts and comments. Users can also create Communities (groups) to allow more focused discussions and sharing.

In premium Google Workspace plans, Google Currents offer additional features like advanced authentication management and privacy controls.

9. Sites

As the name suggests, Google Sites is a website creation tool allowing multiple users to collaborate on an intuitive website builder without requiring coding/programming experience. Integration with various other services in Google Workspace facilitates the creation of rich and engaging websites.

10. Keep

A simple note-taking solution with a robust set of features, allowing users to easily record (keep) text, voice, images, and lists. Native integration with Google Docs.

Additional Google Workspace Offers

There are also other apps and services that are parts of Google Workspace but may require additional purchases depending on the tier/edition of Google Workspace:

  • Google Workspace Marketplace: an online store selling business-oriented cloud applications that can integrate with other Workspace services.
  • Jamboard: a digital interactive whiteboard (hardware), a 55-inch 4K display with a built-in HD camera, and speakers to enhance online meetings and brainstorming. Jamboard allows users in different locations to collaborate in real-time through a smartphone Jamboard app.
  • Vault: Google Vault is an archiving and electronic discovery service, giving Google Workspace users the ability to effectively manage information and preserve important data.
  • AppSheet: application development tool with a no-coding approach.
  • Groups and Groups for Business: smart email list with authentication management.

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