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3 Popular Competitive Online Genres for You to Try


The world of online gaming is truly an enormous one, and to even identify it as one single ‘world’ could be problematic, to begin with just due to how ridiculously diverse the online gaming sphere is. However, despite that diversity, many people (potentially including yourself) might find that you mainly stick to one genre in particular. Of course, this makes sense, given it’s comfortable to stick to what you know and it’s something that many people do in multiple areas of life. That being said, taking a risk and trying something new here could open your mind to new favorites.


Multiplayer online battle arenas have mainly been popularized through titles such as Valve’s Dota 2 and Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm, has been so popular, in fact, that they’re now popular eSports – despite Dota 2 releasing way back in 2013. You might feel as though, due to the team-based nature of these games, you require a group of friends ready to go in order to get the most out of them, but that’s not the case. Due to lively player bases, you should find that you make allies online in no time at all. 

However, you might be turned off by the amount of prospective grinding that games like these have, especially once it starts to become tedious after the novelty of the gameplay wears off. Fortunately, there exists a way around this if you feel so inclined, and researching the possibility of a Dota 2 boosting MMR could quickly have you feeling optimistic about this genre once more.

Rocket League and Sports

While the sports genre of video games does certainly exist, Rocket League is perhaps above and beyond the most popular title within that bracket, and the one with the most potent active player-base. Rocket League takes a simplified version of the football ruleset and adds a fun twist by replacing the human players with cars. It’s easy to jump into but difficult to master, which is perhaps why it draws in so many people. 

Like Dota 2, Rocket League is a game that still sees a lot of play despite the fact that it was released a fairly long time ago, and this popularity shows during its presence at eSports events. That being said, there is also the presence of FIFA games, as they are enormously popular, ranking high on the UK sales charts each year. 

Card Games

Card games that are entirely unique to video games have been booming ever since Hearthstone was shown to be as popular as it is. Since then, other games have been released that try to emulate it, but in the multiplayer sphere, nothing has quite managed to recapture that original popularity. That being said, Gwent games have spawned from the Witcher franchise and managed to be successful, and that could be something that appeals to you if you’re familiar with it from the parent game.

Additionally, real-world card games such as poker have popular platforms that people like to visit if they enjoy the game in real life. 

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