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Why You Should Invest in a UV Laser Machine for Your Business


The total market size of UV lasers is estimated to be worth approximately $252 million as they are an integral part of modern industry. Ultraviolet lasers are most often used in manufacturing industries and have been for several decades now. They are considered to be an essential piece of equipment for many firms when there is a need for work to be completed with a high degree of accuracy and consistency. They are frequently used for marking purposes, such as putting identification coding on items or creating complex designs, often on small areas. Keep reading to learn the basic operation of a UV laser machine before you learn the importance of investing in one.

How is a UV Laser Different From Other Lasers?

Two main reasons make UV laser equipment different from other lasers, such as CO2 or fibre lasers. Firstly, the wavelength produced by UV lasers is much shorter than other laser devices. This can make it an ideal choice for work requiring high consistency levels on smaller surface mediums. UV lasers also use a process called “cold processing” that does not produce heat damage to the target area. This makes it an ideal choice for weaker or thinner materials that need to be processed.

Why Should You Invest?

There are three key reasons why it is worthwhile for businesses to invest in this equipment.Ā 

Extreme PrecisionĀ 

All UV lasers benefit from a small focusing spot due to the smaller wavelength of the beam. It makes them the perfect choice for tasks that require delicate and highly accurate work. Many companies that produce small components use this type of laser to allow precise etching or marking on a level that simply could not be achieved by a human workforce. UV laser equipment such as those sold by Lotus Laser is commonly used in the production of fine jewelry, especially where there is a need for complex and intricate marking designs or small markings which are still legible (such as personalized inscriptions inside a ring).

Ability to Link to Other ApplicationsĀ 

Modern UV laser solutions are designed to be able to communicate with other applications. Many will be able to run designs or jobs that have been created in programs such as photoshop or a range of CAD software platforms. The key benefit of this functionality is that it allows the equipment to undertake a range of tasks that can be changed from job to job or batch to batch. By linking with other design applications, the UV laser machine can therefore be a highly flexible manufacturing solution for your business.

Bespoke Equipment SolutionsĀ 

Some UV laser manufacturers will be able to offer machinery that is completely customized to your company’s requirements. If an “off-the-shelf” model is not suitable for your needs, you may be able to collaborate with the supplier to create a bespoke unit that perfectly matches the tasks that are planned for it. Many larger-scale businesses will seek a custom solution from the laser manufacturer to allow them to have a UV laser solution that is completely suited to their marking needs.

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