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Top 4 Highly Recommended Ways To Use Virtual Events For Marketings


Virtual events are one of the fascinating inventions of the 21st century. They have allowed businesses to reduce costs and organize regular business events without the common issues with in-person events. Virtual events have allowed businesses to deliver value to attendees and encourage them to participate in future activities. 

The benefits of virtual events don’t end there. It turns out that businesses can use virtual events platforms to market their services and products. With a value-based virtual event, opportunities are endless, and you should utilize the benefits virtual events provide to the fullest. 

Below, we have compiled a list of ways to utilize your next virtual event for your marketing endeavors.  

Why Use Virtual Events To Promote Your Business In 2022? 

If your business offers products and services to interested customers, you need to develop a deeper connection between your business and customers. This can be achieved by offering your customers valuable information regarding your products and services. A webinar or virtual event is the right tool for this purpose. 

Customers always want to be educated regarding the services you offer. You can take this opportunity to explain to your customers how your products and services differ from other brands. 

Here are the 4 main benefits of using a networking platform for virtual events to promote your products and services: 

1. It builds brand credibility 

As discussed above, webinars can help you develop a deeper connection with your customers and prospects. Customers are always looking for brands that can assure them and educate them regarding the products they provide. You can take advantage of this and connect more intimately with your customers and prospects. 

Customers will be able to hear your voice and interact with you personally. This will help you develop an intimate connection, and customers will see your brand as more credible than your competitors who don’t connect with their customers. 

2. It allows your brand to educate people 

Customers like it when brands present valuable information to them through the internet. This is more crucial for brands offering tech-related products and services to customers. You can educate your customers on how they can make the most out of your software, along with all the key features.

The best part about using webinars to educate customers is that they can ask you questions regarding your products. Your mods or speakers can then highlight those issues and explain them in the webinar. This makes up for a productive session where your customers receive tons of value from your brand. 

3. It allows you to generate leads 

Another significant benefit of marketing your products through virtual events is that it allows you to generate tons of leads at once. If you have marketed your virtual event correctly, you will be receiving tons of traffic on your landing page as interested participants will register their names and email on your page for the webinar.

After that, you can target those new participants and pitch your company’s products and services. This will make up for an effective marketing strategy. Once the webinar is finished, your sales team will have a list of leads they can work on and convert into dedicated customers. Never forget to follow up with your marketing plan once the webinar is finished. 

4. It allows you to collect testimonials and reviews 

Virtual events are not only good for generating leads, but they also work well for gathering testimonials and reviews. Users who visit your site and tune in for your virtual events want to see whether your brand is credible, and a virtual event is a great platform for doing just that. You can ask your attendees for reviews and their experience with your products and services.

If you already have some testimonials, you can highlight them in the form of slides in the virtual event. This will provide a two-fold benefit to your business. Once your webinar is finished, send an email to the participants thanking them and asking them to review your event. 

This makes your brand look credible and shows your customers that your speakers know what they are talking about. 

Top Four Ways Of Marketing Your Products And Services With Your Virtual Event 

Virtual events are one of the best ways to market your products and services to interested customers. Your digital marketing strategy should include a well-placed webinar so your customers can interact with your brand intimately and develop a deeper connection. 

1. Offer valuable insight as to how your products work 

There’s no better way to engage your customers than to offer them valuable insight regarding the products and services you are offering. You can organize a virtual event regarding a specific product or service you offer or all your products at once. Not only that, but you can also take this opportunity to answer the frequently asked question regarding your products. 

Have your moderator briefly introduce the common issues your customers have then your speakers can provide a comprehensive breakdown of the products. Since virtual events are interactive, you can have your speakers answer any remaining questions the attendees may have at the Q&A session.  

Don’t think that this method only works for tech-related products; you can provide information for various products and services such as beauty products, fitness supplements and equipment, culinary pieces, and fashion products. Here’s how you can create an informative event for each of these products: 

  • You can share beauty tips and tricks with your customers 
  • You can provide information on how to structure a workout and diet plan properly 
  • You can share unique recipes with your customers 
  • You can educate your customers as to which fashion product will suit them the best 

There are endless possibilities with virtual event marketing. You can promote any product while generating value for your customers. This will not only make your brand look credible but will also generate leads. 

2. Provide them valuable courses 

Another way to market your product and service through a virtual event is to offer your customers courses. This sends a message that you care about your customers and want them to receive as much value as possible. The main benefit of offering courses is that you can offer them to people who are not yet your dedicated customers. 

Once they tune in for your courses, you can follow up with your products and services. Opt-in forms are the best tools to achieve this. Let’s say you are offering online store building services; you can offer your customers and other interested prospects courses on how to create a successful strategy for their online store. Your focus should be to solve as many problems as possible. 

This keeps the customer happy and allows you to develop an intimate connection with customers. At the end of the course, you can provide a link to your service so that interested buyers can make their purchases. 

3. Host an online exhibition 

Another great way to attract prospects and generate leads is to host an online exhibition event. Online exhibition events are immersive, engaging, and interactive. This is what converts interested participants into dedicated customers. You will be able to engage prospects from all over the world and maximize your brand’s profits. 

At an online exhibition, customers and other interested participants can intimately interact with your speakers and check out all the products and services you are offering them. This will be a great opportunity to showcase all the features and characteristics of your products to interested customers. 

At the end of the exhibition, you can pitch your products to the buyers who decide to stick till the end. Even if some of the attendees don’t convert into customers, you can retry converting them via email marketing once the exhibition is over.

4. Create an online product launch event 

Product launch events are one of the best opportunities to showcase your latest products to investors, customers, and prospects. Choose the right virtual event platform and launch your product. Also, do tons of marketing before you host the product launch event. Since the product is fresh, both your old customers and prospects can tune in for the event. 

Describe your new product’s features and how it is a much-improved version of your previous products. There’s no better way to let your customers know about your latest product offering than a product launch. Keep everything by having the customers interact with the speakers via polls and Q&A sessions. 

If done correctly, your product launch event will generate tons of leads, and you will be selling on the first day of your launch. 

Bottom Line:

Virtual events are one of the greatest tools that must be included in your digital marketing strategy. They allow you to engage a global audience and provide value-based content that solves problems and builds brand credibility. 

If you are a business owner looking for effective marketing campaigns for your products, you should host a virtual event for your services and products. It will always act as an effective method of marketing. 

Have you found the blog post helpful? If you have any other queries, let us know in the comment section below. 

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