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5 Gadgets And 5 Tricks To Upgrade Your Car

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They say you are what you drive. However, if you are driving a cheap car, that saying need not necessarily apply to you. There are several things you can do to make your ride pristine and look prestigious. 

When it comes to upgrading your car to look and feel luxurious, there are gadgets readily available and also some tips and tricks as well. Though there isn’t an end to how far you can go with upgrading, we have curated a few that will surely get the job done with as minimal effort as possible. 

Top 5 Tips To Make Your Car Feel Luxurious

  • Waxing and painting jobs.
    There is nothing more apparent about a cheap car than spokes and spots. Clean your can as often as you can and ensure protection to your paint job frequently. Waxing your can will give it a nice glow and finish those cheap model doesn’t usually have. Similarly, not every colour speaks luxury. Try and recolour the unsavoury and flashy tone. You can also choose to add a personality with spray paint and sporty designs. 
  • Adding flair to the rims and hoods.
    Those who know their car can quickly tell if the rim is not premium. However, the best part is you can easily replace them with better ones. They give a luxury signature to your ride and will make it look gorgeous. Adding spoilers, crash guards, or fender flares can be a nice touch to the visual aesthetic. 
  • High-quality suspension and improving the slip differentials.
    There are a bit technical, and you may need the help of a garage or a mechanic, but they are well worth it. The low-quality suspension will eventually create parts to wear off quickly and will slowly cause the body starts to loosen and start making a sound. Similarly, slip differentials can help to avoid unnecessary slips and slides, which is also a great safety concern. 
  • Floor mats and steering covers.
    These are other small stuff that can make a huge impact on the experience. Floor mats will give a fines and cleanliness, and steering covers offer grip. These minute shifts will add to the luxurious feel of the car.
  • Tuning your engine and timely servicing.
    You can know a car is cheap from the uneven bursts and noises from the engine. Tuning your engine is a great way to increase efficiency and make it feel nice. Not all cars are built the same, and some parts need servicing more often than others. Take your car to the garage or have it checked by an expert every once in a while. Even if there aren’t any issues presently, replacing old parts and checking the working condition of your car can help you avoid higher costs in future. 

Top 5 Gadgets To Make Your Car Feel Luxurious

  • Dashcams and backup cameras
    There are more of a necessity rather than a luxury add-on. They also allow you to enhance the riding experience and assure safety. 
  • GPS Tracking device for cars
    GPS car tracker allow you to ensure the safety of your car even when you are not around to monitor it. There are motion alarms, geo-fencing etc. to protect your car and you can also access accurate location data when going on a trip or if someone else is taking your car for a ride. 
  • Charger and connectivity
    Nothing feel less cheap than an old interior unless it’s vintage. It’s very economical and easy to upgrade your car with a cool-looking connectivity hub that lets you use Bluetooth and pair your phone for hands-free usage. 
  • Trunk organiser
    Lots of items scattered around is a huge turn-off for anyone getting in your car. You can select the size and purchase a trunk organiser from Amazon or from your local shop and immediately your car becomes a lot cleaner. It also adds to the ambience and luxury vibe. 
  • Stereo system
    Like in the case of connectivity, a good sound system to play audio is also something that you never know you missed until you experience it. Luxury car songs are as good as they look and there’s no reason your car shouldn’t. 

There are many ways in which you can upgrade your car to make it feel more like a luxury vehicle, without actually having to buy a new car. These gadgets and tricks will help you to make your car feel more like a luxury vehicle and help you to relax while driving in style. We hope you enjoyed our article about how to upgrade your car! If you’re looking for more information, be sure to check out our other blog posts too. We are always happy to answer your questions!

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