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Practical Ways To Speed Up Your Project Delivery


For any business, the estimated time to delivery plays a vital role in improving customer loyalty.

And it is far more critical for the service-based industry.

For example, marketing agencies ensure on-time delivery of the results for the campaigns they run for their customers. And in return, they are rewarded with long-lasting customer relations.

However, often organizations fall behind on their deadlines. And this could impact their reputation in the market badly.

If you’re also struggling to deliver your project results on time, this article could help you.

Read on to find some practical ways to speed up your project delivery.

Reduce The Scope Of Project

The biggest mistake that project managers make is taking too much on their plate. As a result, they find themselves juggling between tasks to ensure the requirements are fulfilled.

To put this into perspective, consider this situation – one of your clients wants you to run Facebook ads for them. Their motive could be anything from increasing sales to improving brand value.

Now, being the market expert, you should simplify the project by focusing on more important KPIs. It could be traffic, leads, sales, or the reach of the ad.

By focussing more on the critical results, you can concur with most of the hurdles. And indeed deliver results on time.

Ensure To Deploy The Right Technology

You would have noticed it too but could be reluctant to admit it – the technology you use has a profound impact on your project delivery.

For instance, you could be using an old computer to work on your project, or your system could be too cluttered to handle heavy tasks. And as a result, your project would already be delayed due to a lagging system.

In contrast, using up-to-date technologies, you can quickly improve it and deliver your projects faster.

Although you might need to look into the maintenance of these technologies, that should not significantly hamper your project delivery.

Prefer Fast-Tracking Over Multi-Tasking

Many project managers often believe multitasking is good for business. But, believe us, it is far more deteriorating than anything else when you have a deadline to meet.

Multi-tasking would need you to put your concentration and effort into more than one task simultaneously. And as a result, you might not be efficiently completing any single one of them

Instead of multi-tasking, it is rather beneficial to fast-track your tasks. In other words, try deploying responsibilities to your teammates and colleagues. You can even create groups and designate specific duties to them, depending upon their caliber and capacity.

As a result, you’ll be speeding up the project while also maintaining the quality of the work being done. No wonder your project deadlines would also be easier to achieve, maybe before time.

The Bottom Line

Meeting project deadlines does not have to be a strenuous task. With tweaking the process a little and implementing some intelligent decisions, you can easily manage and deliver projects long before the deadlines.

But, make sure that you do not overpromise the deliverables at any cost.

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