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The Role of IT in Business in 2020


The role of IT in business is changing. As IT becomes increasingly dynamic, it starts to foster innovation and drive business growth like never before. Integrating everything from product development to customer services, IT is much more than desktops and word processors. To most effectively leverage the potential of IT in your business, you must understand how it is changing.

The Death of the Traditional IT Department

It is becoming less and less common for businesses to have dedicated in-house IT departments. Rather than an in-house team, many businesses (especially small to medium-sized businesses) are choosing to partner with expert support and security companies. These companies can offer a level of support, knowledge, and expertise that the traditional in-house team cannot rival. 24×7 IT Solutions, for example, guarantee their clients will never lose their data; will send help from a qualified technician within seven minutes; offer round the clock support and ensure that you will never have to pay a ransom. By paying a flat fee, businesses that use 24×7 IT Solutions will have access to cybersecurity, cloud computing services, and a free VoIP phone system. This is just a typical example of the benefits that an in-house IT department cannot rival.

The Internet of Everything

The internet of everything is a concept that takes a broader and more overarching approach to the interconnection between things. With the internet of everything, experts posit the idea that in the near future almost every aspect of people’s lives will be connected via the internet. This increased reliance on and interconnectedness of technology is already being manifested in business. Information technology is no longer a backend department that is only used to facilitate other processes; it is driving change at an organizational level. Big data, in particular, is transforming business operations. Never before has so much valuable user and customer data been so accessible, and businesses are taking full advantage of web companies you can also refer to web development san diego. Using data insights to drive future growth can produce impacts on everything from product development to marketing.


IT automation, otherwise known as infrastructure automaton are terms used to describe the use of software to create repeatable instructions and processes that can replace or reduce human interaction with IT systems. IT automation has a very powerful potential; it enables teams to be more productive, reduce errors, improve collaboration, and frees up working hours to be spent on tasks that require critical thinking.

Keeping Processes Running

With more people working from home than ever before, we have never been more reliant on IT to keep business operations going. IT and cloud software are enabling workers to access information wherever they are located, to share information with other staff members, and to plan and communicate instantly. Without particular evolutions in IT, it isn’t easy to understand how the whole economy could function during a lockdown period. As it looks like there will be a large number of people who continue to work from home, at least for the near future, information technology will continue to evolve and adapt to this new challenge.

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