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Quick Review: Why The Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X Is A Must-Have This 2020


The demand for low-cost, high-performing wired routers never dies out. If you are in the lookout for an excellent wired router with the best price to performance ratio, then Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X is perfect for you. In this article about EdgeRouter X, we aim to give you all you need to know about this compact and wired router, why you should get it, and what to expect with this wired router.

This wired router comes from Ubiquiti Networks, which is one of the most accessible and low-cost networking solutions available. The EdgeRouter X, similar to other router models from Ubiquiti, has been continuing to attract a lot of attention from consumers. With a set of impressive features and an incredibly low price, one would understand why it is one of the go-to and excellent options for wired routers.

EdgeRouter X is part of the EdgeMAX platform by Ubiquiti. Expect this platform to combine carrier-class functionality with sophisticated features boxed in a compact and affordable router. Read the rest of this article about EdgeRouter X to see what else Ubiquiti has in store for you!

Design And Aesthetic

The Ubiquiti Edgerouter X comes in a straightforward and compact rectangular case. Expect the Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X to feature consumer-level features in terms of design and functionality. This wired router from Ubiquiti utilizes a more traditional method from the aesthetic point of view. Even if it has a low-profile design and aesthetics, the design can easily outshine these shortcomings.

It is so low-profile that anyone can easily mistake it for a switch. This wired router also features a metallic case, which is already an upgrade over other EdgeRouter models from Ubiquiti. The exterior finish comes in a matte black color for a low-profile accent. The matte black finish gives it a sense of minimalistic design and also does not retain any fingerprints.

The Ubiquiti Edgerouter X is the perfect wired router that gives off a classy finish. You can never go wrong with a router that can easily look like a switch in a matte black color. Along with the traditional aesthetic, the EdgeRouter X is perfect for a low-profile aesthetic with high-performance capabilities.

Why Should You Choose The EdgeRouter X?

The Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X is perfect for those users who prefer a wired router that has flexible capabilities. The EdgeRouter X guarantees a well-performing wired router that does not take too much space. With its small dimensions, you can place the EdgeRouter X anywhere in your home or office.

Are you working on a tight desk? Do not worry. It should be pretty easy to slip this wired router somewhere in your table. You also can mount this wired router on your wall. The two four-way brackets make it easy to install this classy and small router anywhere.

Finally, we should issue a short disclaimer on using EdgeRouter X on small surface areas. You might want to be cautious or avoid placing it on its side. Watch out in handling all the ports as it can easily fall due to its lightweight size.

Easy Customization With Fewer Restrictions

One of the remarkable and handiest features of this wired router is the advanced settings access it provides to its users. With this fact, you will be able to use the EdgeRouter X precisely the way you prefer to use it. There are also fewer restrictions, so the customization options should be easier and more flexible.

The Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X features an EdgeOS integration. With this system integration, users will be able to configure its functionality in numerous ways. It has the capabilities of an advanced and robust router because of its custom configuration features.

A great scenario wherein the EdgeRouter X can flourish is in a small business scenario. It may be a fact that a small business would limit its costs and not afford network downtime. With this need, a dual-WAN router is necessary to balance all the loads. You can easily modify the EdgeRouter X to allow you to select the two ports that you need to be WAN.

Highly Capable Graphical UI

Another excellent feature of the Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X is its web-based GUI. With this web-based GUI rooting from the combination of EdgeOS and EdgeRouter X, you will be able to achieve high-efficiency in terms of functionality. Monitoring interface statistics should be an easy task and open a Command Line Interface from any browser. You can even rearrange your firewall properties by merely dragging and dropping.


EdgeRouter X has become the result of the continued innovations made by Ubiquiti and its networks. The incredibly functional features of this wired router is a perfect fit for those who want to max out the price to performance ratio in their wired router. Together with a traditional aesthetic, it should be the low-profile, high-performing, and easily customizable alternative in the market.

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