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5 Reasons To Switch To A Digital Business Card


The thing about business is that you have to quickly adapt to new trends, and more often than not, that’s got to do something with the advancing technology.

Having a business card is not any different. If before, it was a must to have a printed business card in order to introduce yourself to colleagues and clients professionally, that concept has somehow faded into the background as more businesses transition to digital ways. 

Here is where a digital business card comes in handy. In this article, we hope to convince you why a business material such as one provided by companies like Beaconstac can help make a difference in your brand

What Is A Digital Business Card? 

A digital business card is not too different from the traditional one. It contains basic information like name, contact details, company name and position and other important first-contact information that the recipient should know. 

What’s different is that there is no need to carry it around as you can exchange these virtual business cards with just a few clicks on your smartphone. 

A digital business card can also contain a QR code like what is available in QR code generators such as Beaconstac. Scanning the QR code can direct the user to whatever page or content you want them to access with little effort

Why Should You Switch To A Digital Business Card? 

More than just following the trend, switching to a digital business card impacts your business in several ways. Below are just some of the significant benefits you can get from using this type of business card. 

Innovative Approach 

Easily impress your customers and targeted audience by foregoing the old ways of handing out business cards. Make a striking impression by providing a digital one instead that they do not have to make an effort to keep and manually input into their phones because once a digital business card is received, it is automatically saved in the receiver’s device. 

More Practical And Long Term 

How much are you spending on printed marketing materials? Quite possibly a lot, right? Not to mention, if ever you need to change something on it, then that means you will have to get them reprinted. 

With a digital business card, you only have to purchase the solution, and then you can generate the business cards and tweak information in them without hassle. You will be able to save a significant amount of money by transitioning to a virtual business card. 

Keeps Customers Interested 

Let’s face it; customers nowadays are very particular. For a business to thrive continuously, the owner and staff must consistently develop interesting ways to keep them engaged. 

With a virtual business card, it will be easier for you to encourage them to view your website or any content related to your business because they can efficiently access them by scanning the QR code attached to your card. 

Wider Reach

You are limited when you’re using a printed business card. And we mean in terms of opportunities and audience reach because physical cards have to be handed in personally. 

Therefore, having a digital business card alleviates this concern because you can seamlessly exchange contact information with another person online. Never mind the distance- a virtual card solves that!

Ease Of Use 

Customers are all about convenience, and if they see that you value their time and business and save them from unnecessary effort, then you’ll stay on top of their minds when they need a product or service that you offer. 

Final Thoughts About A Digital Business Card 

A digital business card solves several problems in terms of marketing and advertising. It helps you save a significant amount of funds that you can allot to other aspects to improve your business further. 

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