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5 Reasons to Switch Your Phone Plan This Holiday Season


The holiday season is fast approaching, which means everyone will be shopping for new electronics like computers, gaining consoles, and smartphones. But while it’s easy to see smartphone discounts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it may also be time to switch your phone plan instead of just buying a new phone.

Indeed, there are lots of great reasons to switch your phone plan this holiday season. Let’s break those reasons down one by one.

You Might Get a New Phone!

Firstly, you might consider switching your phone plan this holiday season because you might get a new phone anyway. Lots of people receive new phones around Thanksgiving or Christmas because it is when their phone contracts expire or when their phone plans allow for upgrades.

If you’re already going to get a new phone, especially if you have a suspicion about what Santa will leave for you beneath the tree this year, you might as well upgrade your phone plan as well to take full advantage of the new device and its capabilities. For instance, if you know you’ll get a 5G capable phone this holiday season, why not upgrade to a 5G phone plan as well?

Holiday Discounts Are No Joke

In addition, holiday discounts for both new phones and phone plans are quite significant. You can oftentimes find savings of 20% to 30% off annual phone plans if you switch this holiday season, especially in the run-up to Black Friday and immediately after.

If you want to lock in an affordable rate for your phone plan for the next year, signing up for that phone plan when holiday discounts are in full swing is the most strategic option.

Even better, many phone plans are sold alongside new mobile devices. You may be able to find a bundle deal or discount where you can buy a new phone and a phone plan for one very low price, far below what both purchases might normally cost!

You’ll Be On Vacation

Chances are you’ll go on vacation to visit friends or family members around Thanksgiving or Christmas. That means you’ll be talking and texting quite a lot, plus surfing the web while waiting to board your plane or while waiting for a train.

What better time is there to switch to a quality new phone plan that can offer high hotspot data allowances and fast download speeds? If you’re going to be using your phone frequently for communication purposes, you need a phone plan you can rely on.

Therefore, upgrading to a new, more reliable phone plan may be wise for logistics purposes. The last thing you want is to experience spotty coverage when vacationing with your family!

Annual Plans Are Usually Cheaper

In addition to the above benefits, you should switch your phone plan this holiday season because annual plans are typically cheaper than month-per-month plans.

Cheap phone plans are more accessible if you sign up for a year-long contract instead of continuing to pay a flat monthly fee every month. Phone plan providers do this so they can count on recurring income from consumers like you. In exchange, you get a slight to significant discount depending on the provider you pick.

For instance, RedPocket offers an unlimited text, talk, and data plan with 100 GB per month at just $375 per year. That’s $31.25 per month. Normally, you have to pay $50 per month if you opt for a month-by-month contract. 

Since phone plan providers usually offer holiday discounts, signing up for an annual plan around the holiday season could be the best way to maximize or combine those discounts for serious savings! 

Take Advantage of 5G Upgrades

5G upgrades have rolled out across the country over the last several years. But if you are stuck with a 4G or 4G LTE plan, you can take advantage of these lightning-fast download speeds. With 5G connectivity, you can stream shows in high definition to your smartphone device, plus enjoy much faster responsiveness when calling or texting your friends and family members.

If you upgrade this holiday season, taking the above-mentioned discounts into account, you could enjoy 5G connectivity before many others even with a cheap phone plan. 5G connectivity will eventually become the standard across the country, of course. But there’s no telling when that standard will be cemented. It could be several more years before every phone plan provider offers 5G connectivity by default!

All in all, switching your phone plan this holiday season could be a great choice. You might save a lot of money, be happier with your new phone plan, and benefit from the flexibility and features of your new holiday phone at the same time. Consider upgrading to a better phone plan before Christmas rolls around to take advantage of the best discounts!

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