Dubai can show you not only how to buy a property in Palm Jumeirah and other extremely luxurious areas. The city is truly multifaceted. If you like authentic and colorful houses, not glass skyscrapers, the metropolis also has something to offer you. Take a closer look at Al Karama — one of the oldest commercial and residential areas of Dubai with many places to relax. What is it good, and what is it bad about? Let’s look at this district from all sides.

Al Karama: about this district

Although the area is well-known for its commercial sector, residents choose Al Karama for its many advantages. If you are planning to move to this noisy and busy area, you should weigh the pros and cons of living in this place.

Located near Dubai Bay, Al Karama is rich in residential and commercial real estate. Life in Al Karama is different from the chic skyscrapers of Dubai: the apartments in this part of Dubai are perfect for those who love everything traditional and vintage.

Despite the contrast to the ultramodern communities of the city, living in Al Karama gives its locals the opportunity to touch the cultural diversity of the emirate.

Compared to neighboring larger areas such as Bur Dubai and Deira, Al Karama appears miniature. But don’t be confused by its size. In addition to grocery stores, Al Karama has parks, official institutions, and several foreign consulates. Moreover, there is Zabil Park here. It separates the area from the main Sheikh Zayed Road.

Advantages of living in Al Karama

There are several advantages of living in Al Karama. This bright and colorful community with a lot of places to relax, restaurants, and shops, will really find many fans. Let’s look at some benefits of living in Al Karama.

A wide range of real estate

In addition to commercial real estate and attractions, there are many residential buildings in this area with affordable housing and a comfortable lifestyle. Apartments in Al Karama range from studios to 3-bedroom apartments. New apartments for rent in Al Karama offer modern amenities that are not inferior to other areas of the emirate.

You can rent a studio apartment for AED 26,000 per year. If you are looking for a 1-bedroom apartment for rent, the annual rent can range from AED 33,000 to AED 67,000. More spacious 2-bedroom family apartments are available for rent from AED 39,000 to AED 89,000 per year.

There are also 3-bedroom apartments. Focus on the price range from AED 58,000 to AED 115,000.

Buying a home here is also much cheaper than in many communities of the city.

The best schools and kindergartens

Another important factor that makes the community very attractive to families is educational institutions nearby. You can choose several nearby kindergartens, schools, and universities if you live in Al Karama.

Parents can enroll their children in Chubby Cheeks Kindergarten, British Orchard Kindergarten or Cambridgeshire Kindergarten located nearby.

There are schools in Ud Meta — this place is not far away. Al Dar University College is located along Dubai Creek, and the Canadian University of Dubai is located a short drive along the Sheikh Zayed Highway.


Despite its small size, Al Karama has many places for shopping. One of the advantages of living in Al Karama Dubai is that it is famous for its profitable shopping opportunities. Locals here have access to several discount stores. Burjuman Mall, one of the oldest shopping malls in Dubai, is also located on the outskirts of Al Karama.

Residents of this district visit the Ansar Gallery, the old Al Karama Market, the Karama Center and the Al Attar Shopping Center for bargain shopping. Supermarkets and hypermarkets in the area are Lulu, Spinneys, and Carrefour.


There are several popular restaurants in Al Karama, such as Biryani Royale, China Bistro, Blue Ginger, and others.

This area has become a new home for many emigrants from India and Pakistan. So you can enjoy great food at the best Indian restaurants in Al Karama, such as Canara, Kerala Kitchen, Kebab Bistro, and Swades Vegetarian. There are also several other cafes in the area.

Public transport and medical care

One of the biggest advantages of living in Al Karama is its convenient location. You can use Burjuman or ADCB metro station to get around the city. There are also several bus routes. This means that you can do without a personal car.

People can visit Medline Medical Center and Aster Clinic in Al Karama for medical examinations. There is also an Al Karama Medical Center.

Beautiful parks

In addition to Al Karama Park, nearby parks are Creek Park and Zabel. Families living in Al Karam can confirm that having these low-cost vacation spots nearby is a great benefit.

Disadvantages of living in Al Karama

Although moving to Al Karama has plenty of advantages, there are also a few challenges that you should consider. Let’s look at some disadvantages of living here.

A densely-populated area

Al Karama is a densely-populated area with thousands of people. There are also a lot of commercial buildings in this area of Dubai, so it can be even more crowded during the day. People who see Al Karama as their new home should consider this before deciding to move to this district.


There is no underground parking in the old houses of the district, but there is one in new buildings. Locals have to park on the streets. Consequently, finding a parking space for residents or guests can be a challenge.

Traffic jams

Despite the good transport interchange and convenient access to public transport, locals often face traffic jams during rush hours.

 Frequently Asked Questions about Al Karama

— How far is Al Karama from the International Airport?

Al Karama is about 8 km from Dubai International Airport.

— Which residential complexes are popular for renting or buying apartments?

Al Karama Building, Hamsah A Building, Karama New Building, and Wasl Hub are the most popular complexes.


So, now you are familiar with all the pros and cons of living in this area. Life in Al Karama is wonderful for those who love the atmosphere of old Dubai.

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