Myths Associated with Bitcoin
Myths Associated with Bitcoin

Digital currencies are nothing new today, but if you go back a couple of years they were just an idea. Nowadays, this idea came true and there are several of them available. People are turning to them regardless if they’re just users or if they’re looking to profit via trading. Their popularity comes from the benefits they bring.

There’s hardly any fiat currency that allows users both anonymity and autonomy over their assets. Cryptocurrencies allow this and they are some of the reasons why people go for them. This keeps them and their assets safe. Furthermore, the profit potential of these currencies is pretty big so it’s another reason for people to flock to them.

Most of them are looking to trade virtual currencies, but the new ones on the scene don’t know how to do this. To help out with that the gaming industry has already developed several trading simulator apps. In addition, it has provided gamers with several crypto games on the market. When it comes to the trading simulator apps there are those that focus on one cryptocurrency and those that focus on several. In that regard, here are some trading simulator apps:


If you’re looking to learn all the aspects of crypto trading then Niffler is the app for you. Most trading apps just focus on the buying and selling aspects, but with Niffler you’ll learn how to use leverage, short a position, going long, and many more things. As you progress in the game you’ll get various badges and eventually, you’ll reach the Verified status. On the other hand, if you don’t feel like learning how to trade you can always go for a trading platform like the immediateedge platform.

Since this platform relies on your input as a user you’ll need to learn how the settings function. To get access to its settings, however, you’ll need an account so registration is a must. You’ll need a small deposit as well since you’ll need a budget to trade with. To learn the settings you’ll need to train and you’ll get several tutorials and a demo account to do so.

When you’ve finished with that a live session will test your understanding of the settings. Afterward, you’ll get to increase your budget and you’ll be granted 10 free withdrawals per moths. Small fees will ensue afterward but they’re more of insignificance than a disadvantage.


This is a simulator app that lets you trade with various kinds of cryptocurrencies. This means you’ll get the popular ones along with the new ones on the rise. You will decide if you want to trade a single virtual currency or more of them. Moreover, you’ll decide if the popular ones will be your focus or the new ones. Naturally, nothing is stopping you from trading with both kinds of virtual currencies. By doing so you’ll build an extensive portfolio and you’ll have sharp skills that will come in handy when you start trading for real.

Altcoin Fantasy

Just like the previous entries, this app comes with a virtual currency known as ACF points. It also lets you trade with popular cryptocurrencies and lets you sharpen your market analysis skills. You will also enhance your trading skills by participating in lots of competitions and if you’re the winner you’ll get a small amount of your preferred cryptocurrency. You’ll also get a Private Contest mode so you and your friends can compete.


There are many digital currencies online and you’ll need to be aware of their pros and cons before you start trading. Picking the right wallet will also help you in being a successful crypto trader, so make sure to research the ones available on the market.

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