Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin
Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin

There are plenty of games available nowadays thanks to the productivity of the gaming industry. There are more on the way as game developers show no sign of stopping. Each year the games get better and better and with the advancements of technology, it’s no surprise that these advancements happen.

The hardware got better so it could support better software. That’s how the next generation of PCs was born and improved each season. Consoles also got better and they could support better games as well. In addition to these gaming devices, gamers can now enjoy high-quality games on their phones as they evolved into smartphones that can handle such games.

Since the industry is adaptable to trends it’s no surprise that virtual currencies are part of it. Yes, they are available as viable payment methods, but they’ve also inspired several developers to produce some crypto games. This means there is a crypto gaming market available and you’ll get various kinds of games to play with.

Some of them are trading simulators which are ideal for aspiring crypto traders that don’t have the skills to trade. If you’re looking for such games then you’ll need to check these ones out:

Spark Profit

The value of any crypto assets goes up and down over time and as a trader, you’ll need to be able to predict these fluctuations so you can better adapt to change. Spark Profit is the game that teaches you this tough but useful skill. Then again this is pretty complex to learn, and you don’t need to learn anything about trading to be a profitable trader. That’s because there are several trading platforms that offer to trade in your stead. In other words, platforms like Bitcoin Digital will do the trading for you.

The only things you’ll need to do is get the hand of the settings and their adjustments. Naturally, you’ll need to have a trading budget and you can start it out with a small deposit. But you’ll need to create an account first so you can access the platform. Once you’ve got an account you can learn the tutorials and experiment with the demo account. Then you’ll be able to adjust the settings and enjoy your first live session. What’s next is joining the real world of crypto trading and enjoying the perks of the platform.


Niffler is a rare app as it has a lot to offer to its users. It doesn’t just offer the buying and selling elements of trading, but it also shows users how to use leverage, short a position, goes long, and more. You’ll have a badge for every skill you learn and by the time you get all of them, you’ll be able to enjoy the verified status. This gives you a plethora of skills to work with when trading cryptocurrencies in the real world. Moreover, you’ll be able to call yourself a competent trader and help out other aspiring traders.

Altcoin Fantasy

This is a simulator that offers the major virtual currencies in the game and covers the essentials in trading. Besides buying and selling, this game offers market analysis skills which is another crucial skill when it comes to crypto trading. You can sharpen these skills on the virtual market it offers as well as in the many available competitions.


Learning the right skills via an educational game is great. But after you have the skill set you’ll need to find crypto among the many available at online exchanges. With the right trading wallet you’ll also have a better chance at success, so pick one out carefully.

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