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How to Increase the Productivity of Your IT Service Desk


Information technology is present everywhere and plays a vital role in each industry. As a result, there is a great demand to constantly update IT services with new and better solutions, which requires the IT service desk to be at the forefront of change. 

Here are ways to improve the productivity of your IT service desk.

Invest in further technology

Investing in further technology is a solid choice for an IT service desk for increased productivity. An ITIL 4 certification framework helps your employees establish a productive workflow. 

Investing in mobile and the web-based software will enable your service desk to offer faster support, allowing you to create a superior experience for your customers. In addition, the framework will help them determine incidents and service requests, plan their actions, and accurately record the accomplishments of their daily tasks.

For instance, you may upgrade your service desk’s mobile device with a smartphone, which is faster than the standard smartphone. You can also take advantage of cloud services that allow you to access information via a browser.

Implement new systems for increased productivity

Your service desk is your first line of defense regarding customer needs and requests. The job is high-pressure, requiring an organized, efficient, and quick service desk. To ensure that your IT service desk meets these goals, you should consider implementing automated systems to help you better manage customer requests and tasks. 

For instance, software packages are now available that enable your workforce to communicate more efficiently with customers to simplify their daily tasks.

Understand your client’s expectations

 To operate at peak efficiency, you’ve got to keep a finger on the pulse of what your customers need. The key is to determine your client needs and then adapt the workflows of your IT service desk accordingly. 

Conduct surveys or use customer support software to gauge client expectations on a specific aspect of your service desk. For instance, customers may rate the effectiveness of your service desk or view each level of support as unsatisfactory.

Communicate with your team regularly

Regular communication is one of the keys to productivity. Team members who are not in touch with each other might not know their colleagues’ activities. Inadequate communication within the team results in customers getting left without support for longer than necessary. 

To avoid this problem, you should schedule regular meetings for your IT service desk team members to keep everyone up-to-date on the latest developments and tasks assigned.

IT service desk teams also need to establish a set of standards for the reporting of incidents and customer experiences. By doing so, you will be able to identify any potential problems much earlier before they have become widespread in your organization.

Align your IT service desk with set strategic goals

Service desks often operate independently, providing support for employees who need it. Keeping tabs on your company’s IT goals can boost the productivity of the service desk by aligning them with strategic goals. Ensure that your IT service desk teams know which projects to prioritize to meet company-wide goals.

Improve your staff’s skills

Typically, the best service desk staff members are self-starting and proactive. They will take the initiative in helping customers with their issues and requests or providing direction to clients so they can resolve the problems themselves. 

Ensure that your team members constantly learn new skills using computer-based training software to help them grow as professionals and boost productivity. 

Use KPIs based on client satisfaction

Service desks often measure the amount of work they do by counting how many calls they receive. However, this can make it difficult to determine whether or not your service desk is delivering quality customer service. 

To increase the productivity of your IT service desk, you should consider creating key performance indicators based on your customer’s satisfaction. The proper KPIs will allow you to identify which clients are satisfied with their experience and which are not. 

Wrapping up

Successfully managing the IT service desk helps your organization grow and become more profitable. Fine-tuning the productivity of your IT service desk takes time and careful planning. The above strategies will help you be on track for long-term success with your IT service desk.

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