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How To Utilize Catdi Postcard Printing Services


One of the best ways to generate sales is to capture the attention of your target audience visually. Postcards greatly combine graphic presentation and advertising message that Catdi Printing can help you with. Catdi Printing Services cater to small businesses and even large companies needing thousands of postcard mailers for their Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) marketing campaigns.

In this article, learn how you can best utilize Catdi Postcard Printing Services to attain your marketing objectives.

What Makes Catdi Stand Out?

Catdi Printing is based in Houston, Texas, offering 24/7 online print fulfillment services. It can help you meet your postcard volume requirements for your EDDM marketing campaign or direct mail because it has the best postcard printers.

What Is EDDM Marketing?

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) marketing is a new program of the United States Postal Service (USPS), giving small businesses an affordable way to get in touch with local customers using direct mail services. 

Catdi is tied up with USPS in this EDDM program by providing low-cost yet good quality postcards through their excellent postcard printing services. In the digital era, postcards are even more effective in reaching more customers who are at a higher likelihood of supporting products and services through EDDM marketing.

Utilizing Catdi Postcard Printing Services for EDDM Marketing

The popularity of EDDM is rapidly increasing because it’s straightforward in getting your word to your target customers right through their homes. You don’t have to know their specific addresses for the postcards to be sent out. All you have to do is to choose a zip code, an address area, or a mail route, provide the Catdi printed postcards to the post office, and track the effectiveness of your EDDM campaign.

The following are the benefits of EDDM marketing:

Great Audience Segmentation Technique:

EDDM marketing allows you to easily segment your audience because you can test multiple ads in one or more geographical areas (will be discussed in detail below).


As compared with traditional print ads like newspapers and television ads, EDDM marketing is a cost-effective marketing solution for any type of business, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses or SMBs. It’s because of the low-cost printing offered by Catdi and the effectiveness of the program as a solo strategy or combined with other marketing campaigns.

More Personalized Marketing Approach:

Sending high-quality postcards informing customers about a new product or promotion is a more personalized marketing approach than digital marketing strategies. Postcard mailing breaks the noise of the online world, bringing your target audience to a more relaxed and tailor-fit form of letting them know your advertising message.

Test Advertising Campaigns Using Catdi Postcards

Sending postcards to your target audience is a cost-effective way to test your ad campaign through segmentation. For instance, if you have a new product, you can test the market by sending postcard mailers. It can help determine the response of consumers without obviously informing your competitors. In this way, your marketing tactic remains between you and your customers.

Postcard mailing continues to be an amazing way to test a product price range. For example, you can mail a few of them to gauge the response rate of consumers to a given price. Now, you can test your multiple ad campaigns and track them by the printed tracking code on postcards. Your customers will need to provide the tracking code to enjoy your offer, which enables you to know what ad campaign or message generated the most interest.

Here are the benefits of testing your advertising campaigns using Catdi postcards:

  • Direct to the point
  • Increase brand visibility locally
  • Increase sales qualified leads 
  • Boost your store sales

Great Way To Introduce Something New

Postcard mailing is an incredible way to let your customers know about your new product or service, promotions, activity, or event. Catdi Postcard Printing Services can create well-designed postcards you can send out to your target customers to accomplish this goal. Also, Catdi prints out business cards, flyers, brochures, and other paper print-outs you can use for promotional purposes.

Here’s how you can use postcards to introduce your new offerings:

Create Postcards As Personalized Invitation:

Postcards make a great personal invitation that will likely encourage your target customers to participate. Print a call-to-action invitation message, such as “Attendees will be given freebies! So, don’t miss the fun!” or “Come and join us and avail of our 50% discount onsite!”

Create Good Quality Postcards As Exclusive Passes:

Like invitations, you can use postcards as exclusive passes to reward your new or loyal customers on your awarding night, concert, or any prestigious business event. It’s one way to show your appreciation for their patronage and to establish a long-lasting customer relationship.

Use Catdi Postcards To Inspire Your Target Audience

Postcards are fantastic for any size of business to inspire people to promote your products and services. Why don’t you incorporate your company logo, product images, or some photos of your employees in action in the postcards? 

Postcard mailing can also boost your digital marketing campaign. Customers who love to validate company information online can simply type your website URL on the web browser to find out more about your company. Hence, postcard mailing can help boost your web online presence and digital marketing strategies as it drives more visitors to your website.

Postcard Mailing As A Referral Reward System

Sixty percent of marketers say that referral programs generate a high number of leads. One way to accomplish this goal is by using postcards. A well-designed postcard can inspire people to promote your brand through word-of-mouth by showing the postcard to their family and friends. You might want to include inserts that they can hand out to their neighbors, too, and use postcard mailing as a referral reward system. 

Here’s how you can use postcard mailing as a referral reward system:

  • Include coupon codes to be redeemed for each referral in postcard mailers.
  • Include unique tracking ID for each mailer associated with the campaign that will be provided when getting your product or service to take advantage of the referral discount or offer.


You can utilize Catdi Postcard Printing Services to initiate your EDDM marketing and test the effectiveness of your campaign ads. Postcard mailing is a great way to let your target audience know your new product, promotion, or event and boost your digital marketing strategies. Also, you can use postcard mailing to inspire your target audience through professionally designed postcards by Catdi to promote your brand through word of mouth.

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