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How To Prevent Workplace Injuries


You can’t eradicate workplace injuries from your organisation. Some are accidents, human error, and just bad luck. However, you can take measures to improve your company’s health and safety standards to reduce the chance of an injury. Some workplaces have far more risk factors than others. For example, the construction industry often involves working at a height, operating machinery, and handling sharp materials. There are far more risks on a construction site than in an office place. You need to assess your workplace and business to find the best risk management strategy for you.

Educate Employees And Management Staff

Education is a huge part of health and safety. Your team is far more likely to follow health and safety protocols if they know the reasons behind them. They will remember why they need to wear PPE and avoid certain areas if they know the risks. You should train your staff regularly and top up their health and safety knowledge. They will forget things, and it’s your responsibility to refresh their knowledge. 

Research Safety Vulnerabilities

Familiarise yourself with common workplace injuries, such as tripping over wires or falling from a height. Think about where these injuries could happen in your workplace and what you can do to minimize the risk. For example, you could train staff to handle their charging cables in a safer manner. There should not be wires dangling across the floor of the office.

 Do a risk assessment to identify every potential danger in your workplace. Match each risk with a solution as to how you will reduce the risk. For example, employees could use the plugs on their desks instead of reaching wires across the room. Or, your team could use tagout devices to prevent machinery from unexpectedly starting up and releasing hazardous energy. 

Provide PPE

Personal protective equipment became an essential part of every workplace after the pandemic. Workers need masks, gloves, steel-capped boots, earplugs, eyewear, and much more on construction sites. It all depends on the risks your team faces. 

Don’t Take Shortcuts

Health and safety training can be a little tedious. However, it is essential that every employee undergoes training and understands what they have been taught. Do not avoid refresher courses because you have tight deadlines and other priorities. Health and safety cannot be skipped, and your team should be made aware of that. 

Monitor Safety Measures

You should monitor your team’s use of PPE and other safety regulations throughout the day. Enforce your safety regulations by reminding them of certain protocols and holding refresher workshops at lunchtime. 

Keep An Orderly Workplace

A tidy workplace is far easier to monitor and keep safe. Clean your workplace at the end of the day and make sure any wires, machines, and materials are stored. 

Keep your workplace safe and secure all year round.

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