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Email marketing has and will always be an effective digital marketing channel for businesses, now and in the future. According to statistics from Campaign Monitor, email marketing produces over 174% more conversions than social media and boasts a massive 4,400% ROI, which is incredible if you ask me.

And with Statista’s recent report of over 4 billion daily email users worldwide accessing their inboxes, it’s no wonder that email far outperforms social media ads, search engine marketing, and any other lead-generation tactic you can think of.

However, simply having an email list is no guarantee that your email marketing efforts will succeed. So, no rushing off now to start an email campaign for your business without the right strategies in place! 

Aside from an email list (which is essential, no doubt), you need to implement smart email marketing strategies that will captivate your subscribers, spark engagement, and, most importantly – generate more sales.

But don’t worry. I’ll be sharing four highly effective tactics to help you significantly level up your email marketing game and boost your business.

Focus on List Building

Yeah, I know I said an “email list” is not the only component you need to have a successful email marketing campaign, but you do need a robust list of engaged subscribers to start with, and funny enough, many businesses fail to focus on this area of their marketing strategy.

Don’t let that be you! Make it a priority to regularly brainstorm fresh ideas to get more people to sign up and provide their email addresses.

Many top ad agencies know the value of prioritizing a growing email list, and so should you. This is no time to be lagging behind on important tactics that can help you sell the product or service you offer. You must proactively and intentionally create valuable direct channels for connecting with your potential customers.

Whether it’s by  

  • Offering lead magnets (like free tools, discounts, and exclusive resources) on your website
  • Running giveaways and contests to capture new subscriber signups.
  • Leveraging pop-up forms and exits, or
  • Promoting the benefits of joining your email lists on social media, etc.

It doesn’t matter what you end up using as an incentive; just make sure it is working to get you the signups you’re looking for because that will significantly determine how successful your email campaigns will be when promoting your business offerings.

Keep Your Emails Short and Engaging

What do you do when you receive those long emails with so much information in your inbox? I guess you scan through to see what it’s about and move on to the next email. Well, that’s precisely what your prospective leads are doing with those long emails you’re sending.

It’s not rocket science; we humans have a short attention span, and only businesses aware of this factor will leverage it while creating their email marketing campaigns and eventually get more conversions.

In fact, according to recent research by Constant Contact, emails with concise, scannable content will get higher open and click-through rates than others with too much information.

What they’re trying to say, in simpler words, is that you should get straight to the point when sending those marketing emails to your leads so you don’t bore them out with unnecessary details. 

So, from now on, focus more on the quality of your emails than their quantity and you should eventually get the conversions you’re looking for.

Hook Subscribers with Your Subject Line

How good your subject line is greatly determines whether your email gets opened or not. Imagine waking up in the morning to see a subject line that reads, “We found that watch you were looking for,” and another that reads, “Some nice watches you need to buy now.”

Deep down, which of these two emails are you more likely to open and glance through? I guess the former, right? Well, me too!

Subject lines are the perfect way to motivate your subscribers to read your emails, and all you need to do is understand what they want and what they’re likely looking for, then use that knowledge to create a compelling subject line that will speak to their emotions and prompt them to open your email.

If you can personalize the subject line to have their names, then that’s even better for your business, and you will easily have them clicking on your email. Otherwise, be creative and devise a strategy for catching their attention.

However, be cautious and ensure the subject lines are between 40 and 60 characters for optimal mobile readability. Creating a subject line that is too long will discourage your subscribers from opening your emails, and I’m sure you don’t want that.

Personalize and Segment

If you run a small business, then personalizing your emails can make all the difference in your email marketing campaign. Everyone wants to feel special, and there’s no better way to fulfill this desire than adding their names, preferences, and location to something as simple as an email.

All you have to do once you have a subscriber list built, is separate your subscribers into different categories based on their interests, purchase history, demographics, or other traits relevant to your business. Then, tailor your email content and offers in a way that will draw their attention and fit their interests.

The more customized your emails appear to them, the more likely they are to open your emails, click through to products, and give you that sale you’re hoping for. 

Wrapping Up

At the end of the day, what we’re all looking for are conversions, and these strategies should help you get them. Feel free to tweak them to fit your email marketing needs, and good luck with the campaign!

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