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Why Brands Still Need Business Cards and How to Do It Right in 2022


Business cards have been around for centuries. The origins trace back to 18th century Europe when people would leave calling cards near the entrance of their homes to establish how well-connected they were within society. In the 1900s, businesses started to rise and adopted the use of these cards, eventually birthing the type of business card we know today.

It was a great way for companies to garner more attention and recognition. They remained popular as they were the simplest way to get a company’s contact information to prospective clients. But as the internet and social media continue to rise in popularity, many organizations have stopped producing business cards. While it may seem like they have faded away from today’s business practices, printing and distributing these cards in 2022 can actually still prove as effective as before.

Why You Should Still Use Business Cards

As mentioned earlier, business cards can serve as an effective marketing strategy. It imparts your company’s brand in a simple yet effective way. Potential customers will know how to reach out to your organization if they need your services. Having them on hand will also demonstrate professionalism and preparedness. If needed, you don’t have to flounder around looking for a pen and paper to give out your company’s number or email address.

In some cultures, especially in Asia, these cards are seen as a necessity instead of as an extra — they are even embedded in the business culture for some. For example, in Japan, your business cards need to be given with both hands and receive one in the same manner. You should also put them in a case to let the person know that you are taking their business seriously. In Hong Kong, you should also be ready to offer a card when you are given one as it is seen to be proper. Being unprepared will signify that you are rude, making business cards important especially if you are collaborating with international companies.

How To Do It Right

Make them comprehensive

The most important thing for a standard business card is to have all the necessary details in one place. We previously explained that you should have your company logo, name and position, contact information (like office landline and email), and your company’s website. Having a comprehensive card heightens its effectiveness and is important when doing it right.

Align their design to your brand

Another practice that should be done in aligning the design with your brand as much as possible. Aside from your company’s logo, you can also incorporate a symbol that is commonly associated with your line of work. For example, you can add a scale if you are in a law firm or a caduceus if you’re in the medical field. You can try incorporating fun colors and abstract work into it if you are an artist. Not only can this help set your card apart from others, but it can also set the tone of how prospective clients will view you and your company.

Don’t follow traditional formats

The last thing you can do to have a great business card in 2022 is by making one that creates intrigue. This can come in the form of having cards that don’t subscribe to the traditional shape. For example, a divorce attorney can have one that is split down the middle while a cargo company can have theirs folded into a shipment box. Having an interesting and intriguing card will be a surefire way to catch people’s attention.

Optimize Them

As we are now in the digital age, you can also optimize your cards to cater to this. Today, there’s a rise in the use of digital business cards, thanks to their many timely benefits. Digital business cards come with QR codes that people can easily scan using a mobile device to get their information. Plus, these digital cards can be opened on both android and Apple devices and can instantly be saved on mobile devices, lessening the chances of loss. This will also help lessen paper waste as it eliminates the need for printing. If you have a new design, you can also easily upload them and make the change almost instantly to easily keep up with what your brand needs from your business cards.

Promote Eco-friendliness

Another way you can promote eco-friendliness is by producing business cards that people can plant. The University of Michigan explains that instead of paper going into landfills, people can put them into their gardens to re-use them. Your company can easily do the process by creating recycled paper and adding seeds to them or by finding a supplier. As more people become socially conscious, having reusable cards can be just the thing to convince people to do business with you.

Final Words

There’s no reason for business cards to be phased out of today’s business practices. When done correctly by having all the right information, incorporating technology, being good for the environment, and having a standout design, your company can increase its brand awareness and gain a bigger customer base. It can also show other businesses that your organization is worth taking seriously.

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