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Best YouTube Bots & Tools – Marketing & Automation


Looking for the best bot of YouTube? 

If you’re on Twitter, you ‘re likely to watch your favorite YouTubers. Everyone seems to want to be Youtuber nowadays, and there’s plenty of money here for a good reason too. 

You may be an endeavoring one, and have long tried to create a decent number of subscribers – it’s hard to do without a bot. 

YouTube is increasingly crowded these days when more people try to do it, which means you’ve cut your work off for your work if you want to do things manually. Here are some of the top bots for views and subscribers from Twitch.


TubeAssistPro is one of the YouTube Development Agencies that will assist you with your YouTube channel and bring more viewers to your video. This is not to be misunderstood with the original Tube Assist. 

This is quite like FollowingLike – except for YouTubeTM, FollowingLike can only be used across the board. It’s quite the same with FollowingLike. However, it’s not bad because it really means it’s more expert. TubeAssistPro ensures that all its automated growth complies with the terms and conditions for the use of YouTube by third parties in order to avoid suspension or prohibition. 

TubeAssistPro comes with all the characteristics of a company like this that you can expect from. The code stuff like to like and counter to the material of others and even comment on videos by users.


FollowersUp is the next best bot on our list. These fellows know a little about the YouTube involvement of their customers and they, like Media Mister, want to help you with more than one social media platform. In order to access it and learn more about it, you must first choose which platform you want to use their services and then enter your information. 

You can sit back and relax and enjoy growth once you’ve finished paying for the things. This is a perfect way to wash the hands of the negative side of the matter and then concentrate on improving the portfolio. They say that their orders are made 24 hours a day and they give a money-back guarantee, like other YouTube bots on this series. 

One of Followers Up’s best part is that you are safe – you take great care of the personal information of your customers. You also ensure that every account you provide is real so that your involvement is organic.


If you are interested in automation and publicity, the use of this platform, which has been within the market for a few years now, you can easily comply. Over the years the name has been coined by advertisements and marketing bots in social media and it would not be wrong to name them as the pioneers in the field. You can achieve specified rapid growth in this area without jeopardizing safety and safety. 

They are equally common on the market, and the dashboard can be downloaded to maximize performance. The first component is the support of the platform to charge the supplier via Bitcoin, credit cards, and PayPal. The dashboard can also be optimized for download according to the wishes of your channels. In brief, they provide content similar to YouTube on all social media sites.

Video Advertising Blaster

This site is the perfect solution for you if you are a novice with a YouTube channel. You can sell your films on this platform. Reasonably priced Youtube views on this platform allow users to find key trending phrases and to optimize them to your advantage in order to secure a closing commitment. In fact, you can select the right names. 

The channel boom will grow with increasing visitors through the use of key phrases and tags. You will use this without having to pay a bit, and the functions are constantly up to date. In the same way, the cloud interface is introduced and new functionality can be reached. In the event of any problems, the excellent guide service has been designed to support and maintain its reputation.

Media Mister

Many people have built their profile on every social media website like YouTube, and this site would integrate flawlessly paintings for you if you are worried about that. With this platform, you will be able to develop your following while YouTube remains on the list on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. 

A feature in this platform is intensively listed, designed to help people optimize their channels. The services can be picked on the platform and after you pay for them they should be easy to use. The great thing about this website is that if you’re not interested in the services but are too serious, you’ll be able to promise a 100% cash-lower history.


Sprizzy claims that over 100,000 people have already supported their YouTube videos. Many people have been helped to become viral and their automated bot can help promote your videos to reach a certain target audience. You can even select the country in which you want your content to be published so that you can get subscribers who want to continue to view your content. 

We really appreciate that as soon as you sign up for service, Sprizzy has a strong customer support department that is in touch with you. You will be working together so that everything can be streamlined and your account can be expanded in no time. 

There’s not a lot these guys can’t do for your YouTube channel from a targeted placement through comment, subscription and views. There are four different packages from Sprizzy, the most basic package you can choose from will cost you $25, which is quite reasonable, we believe.

Tube Friend

If you are going to ensure the latest performance in an ever wider range of views and manage a particular channel, this platform will optimally contain the paintings. This platform has been certified by YouTube; this means that this platform can not be protected and there can be safety threats. The credential also talks of a strong understanding of quantity. This framework includes important tools. 

You can optimize the channels and develop your channels. You can make your reproduction, paste their tags, and improve the chain when you have growing opponents to your YouTube channel. You will also benefit from the SEO details and their efficiency. These features are available online and can be downloaded immediately. Customers can access new and up-to-date features with great assistance without problems.

Tube Adder

The last automated YouTube bot on the list has been shutdown but it has been great for a long time and has helped many people grow through YouTube. 

Tube Adder has helped consumers with issues like interaction and channel creation with its botting tech, much like the other YouTube bots on our list. To ensure that their automation services fell within the terms and conditions of youTube, Tube Adder did as much as they could, but sadly, it was not enough. There wasn’t much that Tube Adder couldn’t do for your YouTube channel – from automated commenting video to channel comment, liking, subscribing and unsubscribing. 

In addition to this, they have been accessible to all on Mac, Linux, and Windows. Even Jarvee can be used only on Windows, which limits its coverage, of course.


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