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Best Tech Job Hunting Strategies


The world is recovering from the aftereffects of a problematic situation, with economies around the globe scrambling to regain lost ground. The advantages offered by path-breaking technologies and online business forays are trying to surge ahead with momentum quickly. However, there is still the challenge of working conditions returning to pre-pandemic levels.
Though jobs were lost during this difficult period, many opportunities have now resurfaced, inviting professionals and skilled experts from across the world. This has made the search and selection process quite difficult for employers, mainly due to the stiff competition. Then there is the issue of cross-border jobs and selections.

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How Has The Tech Job Hunting Process Changed?

There was a time when applicants were restricted to applying for jobs only through print media and newspaper advertisements. While, in some cases, newspaper inserts still exist, the majority of all jobs across the world are posted on the internet (job sites) and online social media portals. Also, the quality and type of applications and the way applicants present themselves, their qualifications, skills and experience have changed.
Applicants now prepare what can be called professional and skill-based profiles or resumé. They also prepare specific skill-based case-study portfolios, easily accessible online for ready reference by employers. Today, job hunting revolves around specific skills-based self-marketing where the applicant becomes the brand selling individual capabilities to potential employers. It is no more about just ‘doing’ the job. Now it is all about adding value to the business.

You will undoubtedly need specific differentiation techniques and abilities for your application to rise above the competition. Doing this will attract potential employers to your application. Remember, if you are sending out or have already sent out many applications to different organizations, you are most likely to get missed in the clutter. It is best to ensure that your search is focused and specific.
Once you have honed down on the particular organizations that best suit your capabilities and experience, align yourself to the opportunity as closely as possible. While doing this, ensure you highlight a few case references and quantitative information specifically about the tech aspects of the job opening. Also include important details of your experience, if any.
Remember, the more specific you are, the better your chances of securing the job will be.

Let us help you with a few basic pointers to land a good tech job.

Differentiate Yourself and Stand Out

Start by writing a brief but effectively focused cover letter. Explain how and why your professional background makes you best suitable for the position. Align the value-add you will most likely bring to the new organization through your professional approach, past achievements, interests, and life goals. Keep it pointed but brief and include it in the cover letter.

Relook At and Redesign your Social Media Presence

Most employers these days peruse the social media presence of certain applicants. Ensure you design and present your social media online profile so that it legitimizes your application while assuring the employer of your social standing and abilities. When an interested employer visits your online profile on a platform like LinkedIn, the references, type and number of connections you have, your posts, articles and comments all get viewed from a personality assessment perspective.

Portfolio and Case Study presentations

A well-crafted and purposefully designed portfolio of some past work, along with a case study reference, will aid in making you shine brighter than others. Such material tends to highlight your can-do abilities and acts as your professional showcase. A solid and well-written document can make your application more impressive than just an average work profile.

Maximize Your Job Search Through Referrals

Sometimes few companies only accept referenced job applications. These references could be from existing employees or known associates or clients and affiliate group companies. To add value to your job search, it could help if you attend networking events, meetings, workshops and other such professionally associated functions. You will get an opportunity to meet and start making relevant connections. Building your network will add potential possibilities to your job search.

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