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Best Real Estate CRM: How to Choose Without Going Insane


Agents and agency managers can manage incoming requests and contacts at all stages of the funnel in the real estate agency CRM. The mobile app allows for quick response and response to clients. Sales analysis and marketing tools in real estate software development solutions and services will increase revenue and profits for realtors.

What Are CRM For Real Estate Agencies?

Such programs are aimed primarily at automating routine operations and increasing the productivity of each agent.

With their help you can:

  • store and populate the database of clients;
  • keep and fill real estate objects database;
  • to edit client and object cards by adding useful information;
  • create a single database for all agents to avoid errors, duplication of information;
  • generate leads;
  • edit media files;
  • track profitability;
  • track agents’ performance;
  • distribute tasks and much more.

Programs for real estate agencies are designed to manage business processes in this area, optimize day-to-day work and develop the company.

The Pros And Cons Of Using A Crm For A Real Estate Agent


  • Time savings – processing a single request is faster;
  • More accurate and convenient storage of information on the interaction with the client;
  • Ability to quickly obtain all the necessary information about real estate objects;
  • Building a relationship with the client;
  • Increasing profits.


  • the time needed for implementation and training;
  • increased competition between realtors;
  • the need for access to the Internet.

How To Choose A Crm For A Real Estate Agency?

To choose the right service, we recommend paying attention to the following aspects:

  • What level of processed requests do you want to reach? Can your real estate agents cope with this volume?
  • What is the state of the work now? If you can see “abandoned” tasks in agents’ work, loss of leads and clients, increase in the number of unclosed deals – then you definitely need a program for automating your real estate agency.
  • Do you need additional functions? For example, image processing, sending reports to your client, time management, etc.
  • Take advantage of the trial period or study the demo version to get acquainted with the program interface.

Selection Rules:

  1. Don’t trust advertisements; analyze each program personally;
  2. A free trial period is provided to study any program. During this period, you should actively contact the technical support to find out if all the necessary functions are available;
  3. Give preference to cloud-based solutions – they are easier to set up and allow you to work from any device;
  4.  Consider programs specifically for brokers, as standard general-purpose programs only have basic functionality for the sales department.

Rating Of The Best CPMS For Real Estate Agencies

The best CRM for realtors are comprehensive solutions with a lot of advantages. Such programs are mobile, secure, easy to manage, and have a high level of expandability of the client base.

CRM Rating for Real Estate:

  1. YUcrm, 
  2. Intrum, 
  3. HomeCRM,
  4. Plektan, 
  5. Real Estate CRM. 

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