For businesses, CRM is an important part of their daily work. To understand what CRM is and why it’s important, we’ll first begin by defining the acronym. Customer Relationship Management, this basically means it is a sort of tool or strategy/process that assists businesses efficiently organize and access their customer data. For small businesses that depended on handwritten records and notes (back before the digital age), CRM software or systems were a farfetched dream at the point. It is not a reality and a crucial part of almost every business in the economy.  

A CRM system is a platform on software that connects your business’s individual departments together, combining all of their input in terms of materials/data/notes all together in one system.   Every system user then has simple, straightforward access to the real-time client data that they need. This not only promotes unparalleled teamwork across departments and branches but also allows organizations to provide their customers with something that is extraordinarily ordinary: personalized, one-to – one-consumer journeys. Contrast that with the limited functionality of old analog and digital apps, and you have something that can revolutionize the way you connect to your users. 

A CRM program can provide you with a concise description of your clients. You can see everything in one place— an easy, interactive screen that can inform you of the customer’s previous history, the status of their orders, any unresolved customer service problems, and more. 

You can even choose to include details about their public social media activities— there likes and dislikes, what they mean, and what they post about you or your rivals. Marketers can use the CRM tool to better understand the demand process or future prospects, allowing planning easier and more reliable. You’re going to have clear visibility of every prospect or sales opportunity, giving you a clear path from your selling inquiries.

Some of the greatest productivity gains will come by going past CRM as a sales and marketing methods to embedding it in the company–from HR to customer service to supply chain management.

Without a CRM System, the likelihood of you running a successful business is close to none. When more time is spent on the administration aspect and less on the actual sales and marketing work, you lose the chance to focus efficiently. Important notes and details can get lost or forgotten, information is harder to keep track off, progress is not easy to monitor and etc.

Even if you compile all of these details effectively, you’re faced with the challenge of making sense of it. It can be hard to extract information. Documents can be difficult to create, and they can waste valuable sales time. Managers may lose sight of what their employees are up to, which ensures that they cannot provide the right support at the right time–while a lack of supervision can also contribute to a lack of accountability on the part of the team. 

This only goes to emphasize the importance of a CRM system because, with one, all of this is handled for you and compiled easily and efficiently. You can also maximize results and connect to other business apps that help you develop customer relationships. You can always combine the tools you already use in your business so that information flows both ways to give you a true 360-degree view of your customer

Here at Texture Properties, A top real estate company in Dubai, we choose to use PropSpace for our CRM needs. PropSpace is specialized CRM software dedicated for the use of real estate companies to manage their clientele (buyers, sellers, tenants), landlords and other information all in one place. Along with key features, It also provides email and text messaging features with the ability to track previous conversations with a simple search.

The Sales/Listings page allows you to see and manage your properties right alongside comprehensive information about a property, owner, marketing and viewing history and other relevant details. This makes it super easy to keep track of your properties and have all the details on the same page- especially when you can’t keep track of them all during meetings and phone calls. It also offers an easy to understand the layout of all the information in front of you relevant to your property that you can refer to easily without having to sift through large amounts of data that is spread over different sources.

The Dashboard! The dashboard offers drag-and-drop icons for a quick overview of operations, traffic, and feedback, including summary lists, available ready properties, closed transactions, new partners, future diary meetings, to – do tasks and company updates, to name a few. This makes it incredibly easy for an agent to keep track of all their activity and organize prospective deals and clients as long as they maintain a sales history for closed deals. Marketing materials like brochures, flyers, and other promotional and brand-building tools are available on PropSpace. Easily view and share the best resources on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. With this additional support, you can even save on the expense of having a third party produce elaborate marketing materials when you can do it yourself with all the right integrated tools!

Manage all of the property queries from
multiple sources, including auto-import emails from land portals. Besides, selecting the right property for your
leads is now a seamless job-with just a few taps, you can locate, arrange and
submit a customized listing range to your prospects using a customizable
corporate email template. This saves you time
from sending out individual emails
to a large number of recipients that may even be categorized differently
according to your specific needs.

The Deals Module is a standardized system for tracking sales and lease transactions, including consumer commissions. Efficient processing of financial records, including invoices, payments, and contracts. It allows you to manage your schedules and activities, attach invites to clients and peers, and set up career reminders, all in one convenient location. This is a really important part since financial records and accountability is irrelevant without accurate detailed records. With PropSpace, this is easily taken care of and allows users to quickly access any details they may need to and produce invoices, contracts and relevant documentation all at your fingertips.


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