How to Become a Computer Programmer Without a Degree

Computer development is such a versatile field that you can definitely become a professional and find a good job if without a degree. While having one increases chances for finding clients faster, there are lots of ways to self-learn, get a proper certification, and find your way to programming.

Some young people can’t figure out what they want to do, given that hobbies and passions change, and the most demanded jobs change as well. When they turn a certain age, the realization comes as to their dream career. So, you may be a linguist and realize you want to switch to IT by 25 or 30, for example. It’s different for everyone, and with modern education methods and the Internet, everything is possible. Learn about Microsoft exam click here 

Becoming a Computer Programmer Without a Degree

Here, we’ll discuss all kinds of courses, self-learning techniques, as well as helpful programming homework services like whose experts do coding projects in all possible languages.


Before you really commit, consider self-learning for some time. There are a lot of services and libraries online that will help you start. Doing it on your own might be difficult, but this is the cheapest way, and it’s often very effective.

You pick your own pace, practice with pleasure, and are free from worries as to whether your supervisor will like the project. For example, by copy/pasting just a few lines of code, you can deploy automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) and provide parking management.

If reading isn’t your cup of tea and you like to learn by looking at examples, enjoy YouTube videos. While some people think such platforms are only for fun and silly videos, they are also an amazing source of authentic educational content. Many professionals share their experience online for free, so why not take advantage of that? There, you can ask questions, see what other users are curious about in the comments, and perceive knowledge by watching videos.

Applying for an Online Certification

A college degree always looks good on a resume, but you can substitute it with a fully online course with certification. The options are countless; just Google the list and find an institution that has your specialty.


  • The learning period;
  • The price;
  • Your budget;
  • How close the offered specialty is to what you want to do;
  • Whether there are additional classes you can take;
  • The overall level of the institution;
  • The kind of certificate you will get.

Your perfect computer science course will fit all criteria. Make sure to think about the budget and the opportunities you have in general. High-quality education is the best investment you can make because your future career largely depends on the knowledge and practice you’ll get.

Always choose an institution that has a certification exam so that upon graduation, you can be sure that your certificate will mean something for recruiters in the field. 

Here are some of the most famous and effective platforms:

  • CodeAcademy.
    This is an online learning platform that offers some of the most high-quality materials and learning techniques. Its courses cover almost all the most used programming languages and connected disciplines. Find out more about their programs, contact the academy if there are any other questions, and start your way!
  • MIT OpenCourseWare.
    This platform is perfect for complete beginners. You can choose an introductory course in programming and computer science, opening the doors to a new world. The list of offered courses is quite large, so you will find exactly what you want to learn there. 
  • EdEx.
    This is an online platform supported by two powerful institutions: Harvard University and MIT. The best faculties will help you learn the discipline perfectly and get a certification after passing an exam. This is a more challenging option, but it’s totally worth it.
  • freeCodeCamp.
    This is a platform where you can also get a certification after learning detailed lessons. The information for these courses is beginner-friendly as every detail is explained. Every bit is up-to-date and well-researched.

Enrolling in Additional Online Courses

The field is always changing, being improved with new techniques. It’s important for a professional to be knowledgeable and be ready to implement any of them if necessary. To add skills to your resume and be a better pro, enroll in additional online courses. It’s better to choose the ones with authority in the field. Thus, your future recruiter or client will be sure the skills you have are up-to-date and on a high level.

Go online and look for courses, read reviews about them, and see if they issue certificates for the graduates. Such programs will keep your motivation high and make the whole learning and practice process more enjoyable.

You will also see the different learning methods that can help you find the most suitable one for you. Once you do, no technique or topic will be too difficult for you.

Finding a Job Without a Degree

It might be difficult to find your place in some companies that have traditional recruitment criteria. They will need a degree and consider all the other candidates not worthy. However, there are plenty of companies now that are modern and understand that getting a degree isn’t the only way to become a professional. Opt for such recruiters, and you will find a place with not only adequate requirements but a more loyal attitude towards their specialists. 

The best way to start looking for a job is via job boards. Find a couple of reliable ones and post your resume or send it to the companies of your interest.

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