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Best Ad Templates And Ideas That You Can Inspire Your Next Facebook Ad Campaign


Facebook, on any average day, has approximately 3 Billion active users. Let that number sink in. The total population of the world is estimated to be around 7.8 Billion. This means that nearly half of the world population is on Facebook. The only individuals not on Facebook are those that have no access to the internet or with devices that don’t support internet browsing.

This means that Facebook is being used by everyone, from CEOs to students and everybody in between. That is a huge crowd. Imagine you get to broadcast your product/service to those that are interested in them? You are bound to make record-breaking sales.

That is exactly what Facebook ads give you. While the community is there, constantly active, connecting with the right audience is not always easy. When you do hire professional help or learn how to target the right people, there is another problem. This problem is something that we face in advertising off Facebook too.

  • How do you draw attention to your content?
  • How do you convert potential customers into paying customers?
  • How do you convert feed scrollers into paying customers?

The answer is simple. You make relevant and eye-catching content with the help of web design company San Francisco. But is that always so simple? Well, if it was, every other person trying their hands at paid advertising would be millionaires by now. Content creation looks easy, and it was easy in the beginning, but due to increased traffic, it is no longer as doable.

Well, with the advent of these platforms, there has been the need for tools and tricks to hack into the complicated processes that go into creating an online campaign. As the campaign manager dashboard stays complicated with all its different attributes and tools, the process to create the content that is broadcasted is becoming easier and easier by the day. Speaking of, did you know that with the help of a smart ad template tool like this one – publisher Facebook ad templates, you could have your ad ready to be posted in minutes?

Well, let us look at some great ad templates and ideas sprouting from them that might inspire your next Facebook Ad Campaign

1. Â Video Product Demo Ad

With video content gaining immense popularity over the past couple of years, this one had to make it to the top of the list. With around 8 billion videos being watched on Facebook every day, it serves as an interesting and potentially profitable ad type for marketers to try out.

How can you create your own Facebook video ad? You must take the time out to understand the requirements for making a Facebook verified video, which mainly includes parameters for length and video size. It is advisable to keep the video as short as possible even though you are allowed to post longer videos. Why? Because shorter ads are more effective.

2. Reach Ad

The reach ads type template is aimed at increasing the awareness of your page. Your page could be about absolutely anything. The reach ad template is absolutely the best template to use if you want to let a specific group of people know about your product/service.

It is also great to attract the attention of the locals around your area. For example, if you have an offer going on in your business or maybe even a promotional event, you could set up this ad template to help you out. You should aim to have these ads appear a few days before the actual event/offer is organized. That way, you get maximum reach and increase the chances of more people attending.

3. Special Offer Ad

A special offer ad form is the form of an offer or coupon that a business can promote, and a user might avail on Facebook itself. What is the benefit of this? It completely eliminates the buyer’s journey. You have a conversion right then and there! That is the power of Facebook ad templates.

You could include all the information needed for the user to decide whether they want to avail it or not. You could include metrics like the number of people who have already claimed it. This will save you any money that you might spend by mistake on unqualified clicks.

4. Event Ad

Event ads are an ad form that can be used specifically to promote an event. The Call To Action on these ads will usually send clickers straight to the purchase page where they can directly buy the tickets. This ad group can be used to target specific groups of people, just like the other ads.

Then what really differentiates it from the other ad sets? Well, it is the format and the presentation and, of course, the Call To Action that makes it so different from the other ad sets. Also, events are a huge part of any business, and they deserve their own format of ads.

5. Boosted Ad

This ad type is originally an organic Facebook post that was on the home page of any company’s Facebook page. Later, as the authorities over at Facebook realized the potential of the tool, they decided it could be monetized, and pages could use it to drive traffic.

This ad is not created in the Facebook ads manager. There is no limit on the number of words, and you could also include a link in the copy. Boosted ads do not give many options for bidding, targeting, and pricing. These are simple ad sets that are designed to, in all essence of the word, “boost” a certain post.

6. Retargeting Ads

Perhaps the most effective ad set of the lot, retargeted ads truly redefines the potential of digital media. Have you noticed ads following you around different sites once you have shown obvious interest in the content? Those are retargeting ads. These have the potential to probably stick onto your screen you until you make a purchase.

A good retargeting ad will confirm the fact that you are interested in a particular product/service. It will thus use the same information (cookies) to show you the same ad across different platforms. This is the most versatile ad template because it can take as many forms as the number of websites a particular user may visit.

These are a few of the best ad template ideas that you could use to power your next Facebook ads campaign!

Word of advice – since video content is making a lot of progress in terms of popularity, be sure to include some kind of video ads. You could use a smart outro maker like this one – outro maker free to give an effective conclusion to the video!


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